Campaign for Target reach and closure email

Received: 7 Books 100%
Goal: 2 Books
2 Days to Go

Help CanShala Set Up A Library For Children With Cancer

Received: 200 Books 100.00%
Goal: 200 Books
10 Days to Go

Help a village library in Karnataka build a diverse collection of children’s storybooks

Received: 201 Books 20.09%
Goal: 1000 Books
0 Days to Go

Help Annamika, a TFI fellow gift the joy of reading to her little astronauts for Christmas

Received: 130 Books 100%
Goal: 120 Books
0 Days to Go

Support GHVS Trust’s campaign to provide government schools in Mandya and Tumkur with classroom libraries

Received: 243 Books 40.53%
Goal: 600 Books
0 Days to Go

Help Meghshala Trust set up community libraries in rural parts of Karnataka, Meghalaya and Delhi

Received: 1890 Books 100%
Goal: 1800 Books
0 Days to Go

Help Prayog Shiksan Sanstha set up two mobile libraries for children in rural Maharashtra

Received: 60 Books 7.23%
Goal: 830 Books
0 Days to Go

Help Maqaam Foundation create joyful reading spaces for children in slums in Delhi

Received: 56 Books 9.03%
Goal: 620 Books
0 Days to Go

Donate delightful storybooks for a village library in Uttara Karnataka

Received: 25 Books 1.25%
Goal: 2000 Books
0 Days to Go

Gift joyful storybooks to anganwadis in Karnataka for Children’s Day

Received: 174 Books 4.35%
Goal: 4000 Books
0 Days to Go

Support Swa Surajya Foundation’s campaign to build libraries for children in Belgaum, Karnataka

Received: 50 Books 1.67%
Goal: 3000 Books
0 Days to Go

Help Teach for India Fellow Kavitha Shankar foster a reading culture in Bangalore

Received: 0 Books 0%
Goal: 240 Books
0 Days to Go