Now that your campaign is live, you can begin promoting it in your network. Here are a few examples/templates to help you get started:

Social Media:

  1. We have partnered with Donate-a-Book to help children in India discover the joy of reading. Donate-a-Book is a crowdfunding initiative of Pratham Books, a non-profit children’s book publisher with a mission to put ‘a book in every child’s hand’. With colourful illustrations, localised content in Indian languages, and easy access, Pratham Books’ storybooks help children overcome the barriers to reading and become lifelong learners. A donation of Rs. 75 = 1 storybook from Pratham Books. We have set a target of <number> books which will impact <number> children. Head to <(or campaign link)> to donate to our campaign today!
  2. Spark curiosity in a child’s mind with the magic of storybooks! Donate to our crowdfunding campaign on Donate-a-Book, a crowdfunding platform where even just Rs. 75 can help make a difference.
    Help us achieve our goal of crowdfunding <number> storybooks for <number> children in <location>. Any amount, big or small, takes us closer towards achieving our goal. Visit to donate!
  3. Suggested hashtags:
    #impact #crowdfunding #fundraising #childrensbooks #picturebooks #joyofreading #reading #PrathamBooks #DonateABook #crowdfundingcampaign #kidlit #booksforchildren 


  1. Help us spread the word! We are crowdfunding for <number> children’s storybooks from Pratham Books to share the joy of reading. Our campaign will help install libraries in classrooms and community centres so children can have direct access to storybooks and discover the magic of reading. Rs.75 is all it takes to donate one storybook! Click here to donate: <Insert campaign link> 
  1. Have you always wanted to share the joy of storybooks with children but didn’t know how? Donate-a-Book is a crowdfunding platform from Pratham Books, a children’s book publisher, that can help you do that. We have partnered with them to raise a crowdfunding campaign to get multilingual children’s storybooks from Pratham Books for our organisation. All you need to do is click this link <link> and donate to help us achieve our target. Every donation, big and small, contributes towards our overall goal of helping India’s children get a better education. Thank you!

Email Template:


Support our crowdfunding campaign to share the joy of reading with children!


We have partnered with Donate-a-Book, a crowdfunding platform from children’s book publisher Pratham Books, to raise funds for children’s storybooks. Pratham Books’ storybooks are affordable, printed in mother tongue languages and explore a variety of themes such as science, maths, wildlife, lifeskills, adventure and mystery, encouraging children to question, discover and learn through the joy of reading. 

They are also priced affordably at Rs 75, which means a donation of Rs 75 = 1 Pratham Books storybook for our campaign. These colourful storybooks will help the children that we work with develop a reading habit and a love for reading. Children who read more, learn better and are more likely to succeed at school, as well as in life.

We are raising funds for <number> storybooks for <number> children and we need your support to reach our goal! Every donation counts and every reshare makes a difference. Help us spread the word so we can reach as many people as possible. 

Click here <campaign link> to make a donation. 

Thank you!

<Your Name>