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Setting up a campaign has never been easier.

Introduction to how it works

If you are an individual, an organisation or a school working with underserved communities, you have come to the right place. Set up a campaign today to get joyful books for your library or reading program.

Start a Campaign for Libraries 

If you'd like your classroom or reading programme to have more books to read, set up a campaign now. It only takes ten minutes!

Start a Campaign for a Special Occasion

Do something different for your birthday or anniversary! Ask your friends and family, who would normally buy you gifts, to celebrate by donating to gift books to children who need them. Set up your campaign now - it only takes ten minutes!

How It Works

6 simple steps to set up your campaign today!

Create an Account

The first step to setting up a campaign is creating an account on our website and verifying it. Just click on Login/Sign up and follow the steps for a successful registration.

Set up a Campaign

Click on Start a Campaign. Depending on whether you are setting up a campaign for a library or to mark a special occasion, click on the Library or Special Occasion. The setup process won’t take you more than 10 minutes. Just answer the guiding questions and click on Submit.

Activate Campaign

The Donate-a-Book team will review and verify your campaign. The team will get in touch with you for any additional information, if required. The activation process will take up to 2 working days.

Spread the Word

Share your campaign on all social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Use blogs, emails, and WhatsApp to spread the word as well. The more you share the more you get.

Close Campaign

A campaign is live for 30 days, after which the campaign auto closes. Once the campaign comes to an end, a list of books available in the language/s chosen is shared with the campaigner.

Dispatch Books

The beneficiary chooses the books and the team sends the books to the beneficiary school or organisation’s location.

After which the beneficiary shares feedback, testimonials, and thank you notes to all the donors.