Helping India's children read


Featured Campaigns

Help Mera Gaon Meri Dunia nurture a love for reading in rural Madhya Pradesh

Received: 1 books 0.08%
Goal: 1200 books
25 Days to Go

Support Children of India Foundation’s Joy of Reading campaign

Received: 0 books 0%
Goal: 12000 books
23 Days to Go

Help Project Vivek Vidya – a library on wheels – take magical stories to children in remote areas

Received: 10 books 0.50%
Goal: 2000 books
20 Days to Go

Help Lokvichar Pratisthan take their reading campaign for children to new heights by donating delightful storybooks

Received: 120 books 5.45%
Goal: 2200 books
19 Days to Go

Gift primary school students in Solapur, Maharashtra delightful storybooks and introduce them to the joy of reading

Received: 150 books 13.64%
Goal: 1100 books
18 Days to Go

Support a unique learning space in rural Madhya Pradesh provide a library filled with joyful storybooks

Received: 520 books 144.44%
Goal: 360 books
13 Days to Go

Gift storybooks this festive season and share the joy of reading!

Received: 110 books 18.33%
Goal: 600 books
12 Days to Go

Bringing multilingual storybooks to Gram Panchayat libraries reaching over 26 lakh children across Karnataka

Received: 1335 books 0.57%
Goal: 234000 books
35 Days to Go

Donate delightful storybooks to Sarthak Foundation’s Yellow Rooms – a safe space for children to learn and grow

Received: 0 books 0%
Goal: 1440 books
7 Days to Go