Helping India's children read


Featured Campaigns

Let’s Enrich and Engage the Children from Madhubani, Bihar, with Books that will Empower them with Knowledge, Skills, and Confidence

Received: 23 Books 11.67%
Goal: 200 Books
10 Days to Go

Let’s Nurture Curiosity in the Children of Nilung Tungko Pabo School in Arunachal Pradesh

Received: 57 Books 28.33%
Goal: 200 Books
3 Days to Go

Raising Funds to provide Joyful Books to Tribal Children in Jalgaon

Received: 167 Books 16.67%
Goal: 1000 Books
29 Days to Go

Learning Bridge Initiative to Empower Rural Children in Kanabagatte

Received: 87 Books 87.33%
Goal: 100 Books
14 Days to Go

Books for Bright Futures: Empowering Tribal Communities Through Literacy

Received: 20 Books 10.00%
Goal: 200 Books
35 Days to Go

Help us Enrich the Learning Experience for our Children through Books

Received: 94 Books 31.33%
Goal: 300 Books
28 Days to Go


Testimonial 1

“The donors have made a huge difference. Without them, I don’t think we could have established effective libraries. We are very grateful that they all came along at the right time.”

Deepika Appaiah
Founder, Mind and Matter

Testimonial 2

“The classrooms have become more vibrant and we have seen transformations where children have shown a lot of improvement in terms of engagement and interaction.”

Ashish Srivastava
Founder, Shiksharth

Testimonial 3

“The platform provides an effective medium to raise funds for storybooks by Pratham Books. It has been through the timely and transparent support of Donate-a-Book that books reached without hassle to the far flung hilly border areas of India.”

Avantika Srivastava
Social Development Specialist

Testimonial 4

“Pratham Books through Donate-a-Book have transformed the reading habit and English and Nepali literacy levels among the students at our school. It has also made teaching-learning more creative and joyful with story-based content that covers multiple disciplines including the dreaded Math. The platform itself is very well designed for starting a campaign for free and to provide just the right amount of information that attracts donors.”

Virgil Vihaan Sequeira
Assistant Director/ Principal, Gandhi Ashram School, Kalimpong

Testimonial 5

“I want to express my gratitude for providing us with a platform to procure pictorial books for our students. Upon receiving the books, the children were thrilled to explore them. The books have become a great pastime for our students during break time or off periods.”

Tanuel Nonang
Project Officer / DPCCT [Donyi Polo Cultural & Charitable Trust]