Helping India's children read


Featured Campaigns

Support to Build a Diverse Library for SERUDS Orphanage Children

Received: 20 Books 6.67%
Goal: 300 Books
21 Days to Go

Let’s Create a Reading Revolution this Festival of Giving

Received: 20 Books 0.10%
Goal: 20000 Books
18 Days to Go

Sparsh – Enhancing Foundational Literacy and Numeracy through Joyful Books

Received: 0 Books 0%
Goal: 2000 Books
16 Days to Go

Be the Spark of Change: Digital and STEM Literacy Libraries in Rural Dharangaon, Jalgaon District

Received: 5543 Books 61.59%
Goal: 9000 Books
2 Days to Go

Support in establishing a knowledge hub for the Ora village tribal community in Orissa

Received: 40 Books 2.86%
Goal: 1400 Books
10 Days to Go

Safar Pustakanchya Jagachi – Libraries for Rural Anganwadis & Slums in Beed District

Received: 0 Books 0%
Goal: 1000 Books
7 Days to Go

Spreading Joyful Reading through Books in Mother Tongue Languages

Received: 50 Books 9.52%
Goal: 525 Books
2 Days to Go

Spreading Joy Through Books: Support Our Joyful Book Box Crowdfunding Campaign

Received: 0 Books 0%
Goal: 1000 Books
2 Days to Go

Multilingual storybooks for kids from the Nyishi tribe in Arunachal Pradesh

Received: 110 Books 100%
Goal: 100 Books
1 Days to Go

Nurturing Minds: Empowering displaced children through books in Lamka, Manipur

Received: 1 Books 0.04%
Goal: 1500 Books
1 Days to Go

Empowering Nomadic Minds Through Books

Received: 10 Books 5.00%
Goal: 200 Books
32 Days to Go

Bengali storybooks for underprivileged children in West Bengal

Received: 0 Books 0%
Goal: 1400 Books
28 Days to Go


Testimonial 1

“The donors have made a huge difference. Without them, I don’t think we could have established effective libraries. We are very grateful that they all came along at the right time.”

Deepika Appaiah
Founder, Mind and Matter

Testimonial 2

“The classrooms have become more vibrant and we have seen transformations where children have shown a lot of improvement in terms of engagement and interaction.”

Ashish Srivastava
Founder, Shiksharth