What is the cost of setting up a campaign on Donate-a-Book platform? Do I have to pay any administrative charges or delivery costs?

Rs. 0/-. The cost of setting up a campaign is absolutely free and we do not charge you for anything during the course of your campaign. You get books worth the full amount you were able to raise through your campaign.

Am I eligible to raise money for books?

If you are an individual or an organisation that works with children in India and seek help to spread the joy of reading to these children, then you are eligible! You do not necessarily have to be a registered charity to build a campaign.

How long does it take to set up?

Once you submit the Start a Campaign form, it takes us 2 working days to verify and approve it.

How much does it cost?

There is no fee for setting up a fund-raising campaign. You can set up your campaign for free and get donations for the books you require.

How long does a campaign run?

The average duration of a campaign to be featured on Donate-a-Book is 30 days. But a campaign auto-closes once you have reached your target.

How can I promote my campaign to increase donations?

Once the campaign is up, start sharing it with your circle of friends and well-wishers requesting them to donate for the campaign. You could also send out emailers or run awareness campaigns on your social media to raise awareness about your campaign. Pratham Books also spreads the word about ongoing campaigns on social media, as well as targeted emailers to help you achieve your fundraising goal.

What if I don't achieve my set target?

Even if you don’t achieve 100% of your target, you are eligible to get books of the amount you have already raised funds for.

How long will it take for the books to reach me?

After your campaign is over, a list of in-stock books will be sent to you. You are required to revert within 10 working days with your choice and preference of books required. Once we get your list, the books will reach you within 30 working days.

Are there any guidelines for a good campaign?

State the purpose of the campaign clearly, and do tell the story behind your work. The more donors know about you, the more they will be involved in your work. Choose an achievable target for your campaign, and do share how you plan to use these books. Above all, keep all information accurate.

Will I get a tax exemption certificate for my donation?

Yes. On the check-out page, Choose ‘Yes’ in response to the question ‘Would you require a 80G Tax Exemption Certificate for this donation?’ You shall receive the certificate via email automatically.

Will I get to choose who gets the books or what books get donated with the amount I raised for a special occasion?

No. Donate-a-Book solely reserves the right on which campaign(s) to support with the amount raised via a Special Occasion campaign. The beneficiary campaigner gets to choose the books based on their work and area of intervention.

I am an international donor. How do I donate to a campaign on Donate-a-Book platform?

For donors who do not have an Indian bank account, we have an alternative way for donations. You could transfer the money to Pratham Books’  Foreign Currency (FC ) account and once the amount is credited to us, we will make the donation in your name to the campaign of your choice on your behalf. We would also need a Donation Letter from you indicating the amount, currency, date, and intention of your donation.
Please write to donateabook@prathambooks.org and we shall share Pratham Books’ FC account details along with a template of the Donation Letter.

If you have any other questions, do mail us at donateabook@prathambooks.org