Donate Tamil storybooks to a village library in Pogai, Tamil Nadu

by Library and Community Development Centre Poigai

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Poigai Post, S.V.Karai Via, Kadayanallur Taluk, Tenkasi District - 627856 - Tamil Nadu, India

Know more about us

Who we are

Poigai is a small and remote village located in the Tenkasi district in Tamil Nadu. There are five villages and six schools and the population is approximately 5000. Most of the people are engaged in agriculture for their livelihood. There is no library in the panchayat or in the schools. People do not have the resources to subscribe to newspapers or magazines and hence they don’t have access to accurate and quality sources of information. There is no forum to guide them. So I set up a Library and Community Development Centre (LCDC ) in Poigai in May 2022 with my own money. My primary goal is to develop a reading culture among the children in these villages and also provide library services.

Our work and its impact

The Library and Community Development Centre provides information and library services to the community. It also functions as a school library for students. We regularly organise skill development programmes for people of all ages to empower them and improve their standard of living.
We also conduct digital literacy programmes to bridge the digital divide, particularly for school students.

How we will utilise these books

There are 6 schools in Poigai and about 800 to 900 children. They regularly visit the library to read and borrow books. We conduct programmes for storytelling, public speaking, essay writing, drawing, book reviews and summaries, etc, for students to motivate them to read and create awareness about the benefits of reading. With the funds from this campaign, we will get Tamil and English storybooks from Pratham Books for our community library. The Tamil storybooks will encourage the children to read more books in their mother tongue language and improve their communication skills and the English books will help them do better at academics and boost their self-confidence.


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Anonymous 5,000 May 31, 2023
Nivedita Raitz von Frentz 5,000 May 22, 2023
Anonymous 1,500 April 02, 2023
Aravind NR 1,500 March 31, 2023
Name Donate Amount Date
5,000 May 31, 2023
Nivedita Raitz von Frentz 5,000 May 22, 2023
Balaji Radhakrishnan 1,500 April 02, 2023
Aravind NR 1,500 March 31, 2023