Shubham is crowdfunding classroom libraries for tribal ashram schools in rural Maharashtra

by Kaivalya Education Foundation

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Jawhar, India

Know more about us

Who we are

Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF) supports large-scale systemic changes in India’s public education systems through the development of leadership at the School, District and State levels. We work with 10,000+ education leaders across 14 states in India, directly impacting the lives of 5 million children in 50000+ schools. Through innovations in the education management system, we empower Indian students in the public education system to perform at global standards.

Our work and its impact

KEF aims to tip the scales of education development in India by collaborating with the government and a wide range of partners. We are also establishing schools of leadership across the country and enabling young change-makers to scale impact.

As a part of our Gandhi Fellowship programme, the Gandhi fellows work at the grass-roots level to bring significant changes in the aspirational districts. We also work on improving female literacy, enrollment and attendance in schools, student learning outcomes and Foundational Literacy & Numeracy competencies, etc.

How we will utilise these books

As a Gandhi fellow, I started working in the tribal Ashram schools in Jawhar, Maharashtra. Initially, I found that students were disinterested in the learning process due to traditional teaching methods and the unavailability of engaging books. One day I decided to take a few Pratham Books storybooks to the classroom and narrated stories of how a call travels, how planes fly, how to save mangoes, and many more such stories. The students found it interesting and started engaging in their studies and the art of storytelling. Through the magic of storybooks, the students have become more interactive and interested in academics.

The funds from this campaign will be used to get Pratham Books storybooks so the students can get their own library. The age-appropriate and multilingual books will be used to simplify complex concepts, in classroom reading sessions, and student presentations of the stories through music, roleplay, readalouds and other forms.


Name Donate Amount Date
Jankalyan Nagari Sahakari Patsanstha Maryadit, Jawhar 7,500 March 27, 2023
Anonymous 1,500 March 14, 2023
Mayuresh and Shilpa 3,000 March 08, 2023
Ajay Bhat 7,500 February 22, 2023
Name Donate Amount Date
7,500 March 27, 2023
Balaji Radhakrishnan 1,500 March 14, 2023
3,000 March 08, 2023
Ajay Bhat 7,500 February 22, 2023