Shiksha Initiative for the Rural Children of Barabanki, UP

by Tanmay Development Foundation

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Barabanki, India

Who we are

Tanmay Development Foundation is an NGO dedicated to providing free education to underserved children. Our mission is to enhance educational opportunities in society and empower economically disadvantaged rural children, fostering their mental and physical development. Additionally, we are committed to addressing environmental concerns, promoting sustainable farming practices, digital literacy, and more. Operating educational centres in impoverished rural communities, our objectives encompass community empowerment, skills and knowledge enhancement, health and sanitation, equal educational access, lifelong learning promotion, environmental consciousness, digital literacy, social inclusion, and girls' empowerment.

Our work and its impact

We recognise the transformative power of education, particularly for those who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. By offering free education to these children, we aim to do more than just impart knowledge; we seek to chart a new course for their lives. Through our programs, we equip them with essential life skills, and refine their communication abilities.

How we will utilise these books

We will utilise the books provided by Pratham Books to enrich the educational experience of the children we serve. These books will serve as valuable tools to enhance their intellectual abilities and broaden their horizons. We will engage the children by reading stories aloud from these books. We will make these storybooks accessible to as many underprivileged children as possible.


Name Donate Amount Date
Jeevitha Panduranga Rao 1,500 April 17, 2024
Anonymous 638 March 30, 2024
Anonymous 750 March 21, 2024
Name Donate Amount Date
Jeevitha Panduranga Rao 1,500 April 17, 2024
Nisha Churi 638 March 30, 2024
Shruti Bhat 750 March 21, 2024