Let’s Create a Reading Revolution this Festival of Giving

by Pratham Books

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Know more about us

Who we are

Pratham Books is a non-profit children’s book publisher that strives to put ‘a book in every child’s hand’. We offer diverse solutions to ensure children have access to a wide range of books to support reading and knowledge acquisition among children.

With colourful illustrations, localised content in mother tongue languages, and easy access, our books help overcome the barriers to reading. Our books are categorised across four levels- emergent, early, independent and fluent readers, based on reading proficiency rather than age. This encourages children to read, in a non-judgmental way.

Our work and its impact

Over 19 years, we have published thousands of delightful storybooks for children in many languages, and partnered with many organisations and individuals in our ongoing efforts to put ‘a book in every child’s hand’. We believe that reading is a superpower and that it opens pathways for children to explore new opportunities.

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How we will utilise these books

To celebrate Daan Utsav, we are running a crowdfunding campaign to share the joy of reading with children all over India. Our multilingual storybooks are printed in 25 Indian languages and explore a variety of themes like STEM (science, maths, technology, engineering), adventures, life skills, history, humour, biographies, and more.

The funds raised from this campaign will be used to distribute our storybooks with non-profit and literacy organisations, schools, community libraries and resource centres that work directly with children. Through this campaign, we hope to bridge the learning gap through the magic of storybooks. Donate today and help us put ‘a book in every child’s hand’.

Together, let’s start a reading revolution this season of giving!


Name Donate Amount Date
Adityanshu . 1,500 September 26, 2023
Name Donate Amount Date
Adityanshu . 1,500 September 26, 2023