Raising Funds to provide Joyful Books to Tribal Children in Jalgaon

by Maay Mati Foundation

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Jalgaon, India

Know more about us

Who we are

Established on December 28, 2020, Maay Mati Foundation honours Mother Earth, recognizing her profound contributions that give us life and sustenance.

Our Vision is to:

  • Promote a culture of reading among all age groups.
  • Raise awareness about societal rights and responsibilities.
  • Empower women in rural areas through education, enhancing their self-confidence, and encouraging them to prioritise their children’s education.
  • Guide rural youth to excel in competitive times, preparing them for higher education and competitive exams.
  • Encourage the intergenerational transfer of traditional values and morals, instilling discipline and a sense of responsibility from a young age.
  • Promote environmental conservation through active participation in tree planting initiatives.

  • Our work and its impact

    Maay Mati Foundation actively contributes to the intellectual development of rural regions in Maharashtra through various programs:

  • Student Development Programs: We conduct educational programs in Londhave Village, Awar, and Dhamangaon, focusing on enhancing reading and learning skills among students.
  • Women's Awareness Program: Annually on March 8, International Women's Day, we organise a quiz competition to empower rural women by showcasing their knowledge.
  • Clean Village Initiative: Our ongoing program in Dhamangaon promotes sanitation and hygiene practices among the local community.
  • Tree Plantation and Conservation: We have committed to planting 2000 trees over three years in Sonasavli, enhancing local biodiversity and environmental health.

  • How we will utilise these books

    The funds raised through this campaign will be used to provide children's storybooks from Pratham Books, enriching our educational programs and further empowering the children we serve in Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

    Our primary initiatives, Gammat Jod Shabdanchi and Chandobachi Shala, focus on engaging with rural and tribal children to provide them with quality education. These centres use a variety of teaching materials, including books, to foster a love of reading and learning among children. We hold weekly sessions where tutors read books to students, discuss the content, and encourage children to read independently. Books are issued to children for a week until the next session. The Chandobachi Shala Pawra Learning centre focuses on teaching basic language and foundational learning skills to children from the migratory tribal community using teaching materials like games, puzzles, and pictures.


    Name Donate Amount Date
    Milind Patil 1,111 June 16, 2024
    Anonymous 100 June 14, 2024
    Anonymous 1,000 June 14, 2024
    Anonymous 100 June 13, 2024
    Anonymous 5,000 June 05, 2024
    Anonymous 10,000 May 22, 2024
    Namdeo Rabade 2,500 May 06, 2024
    Name Donate Amount Date
    Milind Patil 1,111 June 16, 2024
    Varsha Rajput 100 June 14, 2024
    Ramsing Alkari 1,000 June 14, 2024
    Bikash Bangthai 100 June 13, 2024
    5,000 June 05, 2024
    Jessica Kilbane 10,000 May 22, 2024
    Namdeo Rabade 2,500 May 06, 2024