Gift the joy of reading to primary school children in Koderma District, Jharkhand

by District Administration Koderma, Government of Jharkhand

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Know more about us

Who we are

Koderma is a major district in Jharkhand with a literacy rate of 66%. Its residents are primarily engaged in agriculture and mining. Aditya Ranjan (IAS), the Deputy Commissioner of the district implemented various educational projects and initiatives to improve the quality of education in government schools.

Our work and its impact

Project IMPACT addressed issues including outdated curriculums, demotivated teachers, lack of teaching aids, dysfunctional institutions, etc. We designed different approaches to tackle these issues:

  1. Surveys of schools and teachers were conducted to understand their difficulties
  2. Teacher training programmes
  3. Real-time objective Assessment was done based on the training modules
  4. Rewards and refresher training programmes for underperforming schools
Institutional and structural reforms were introduced and the general upkeep of the schools was improved.

Project RAIL was designed to help high school students be exam-ready. The objectives were to conduct weekly tests and bridge the gap created by school closures, increase confidence in the students and help them assess their own performance. Students studying in classes 6th to 12th are the main beneficiaries of this project. The project was initiated to combat the immediate difficulties faced by teachers and students when schools reopened after the Covid-19 pandemic. It was implemented by:
  1. Conducting systematic and periodic assessments to prepare the students for exams.
  2. Ensuring uniform and timely syllabus completion
  3. Data-driven instruction and performance analysis
  4. Increased parental involvement
The project was a resounding success as the percentage of students passing the 10th board exams grew from 82% in 2019 to 98% in 2022 and the percentage of students passing the 12th Science board exam shot up to 97% in 2022 from 59% in 2019.

How we will utilise these books

After improving the secondary and high school students’ academic performance, Aditya Ranjan, the Deputy Commissioner’s focus is now on the primary schools. There are 363 government primary schools in Koderma with more than 58,000 students.

This crowdfunding campaign is raising funds for Library-in-a-Classroom, a portable library containing about 100 age-appropriate and high-quality storybooks which can be mounted on classroom walls. This gives the child direct access and physical proximity to the books to encourage them to read. Through this campaign, each school will receive delightful storybooks from Pratham Books in Hindi and English to encourage reading in mother tongue languages. The various themes explored in these books help kindle curiosity and set children on the path to becoming lifelong readers.


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