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South Goa and North Goa, India

Know more about us

Who we are

Adhyayan Quality Education Foundation (AQEF), a section-8 company founded by Ashoka Fellow and Qimpro Gold Medalist Kavita Anand, is a six-year-old organisation dedicated to enhancing educational leadership and learning outcomes. Through initiatives such as leadership capacity-building, evidence-based school reviews, and data-driven professional learning communities, AQEF has collaborated with government bodies across India, including those in Goa, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Nagaland, and Delhi.

Supported by various foundations such as Tata Trusts, ATECF, Mastek Foundation, Avanshali Foundation, Cipla Foundation, and recognised by the World Economic Forum as a Top 50 Last Mile Responder in India during Covid, AQEF's impactful projects extend to nine partner organisations, focusing on framework creation and capacity building in areas like social-emotional learning, career readiness, inclusive schools, and more.

Our work and its impact

At Adhyayan Quality Education Foundation, our vision in the last six years has been to enable 'a good school for every child’, intending to reach 100000 government schools in the country by 2030.
The premise of our work rests on developing a shared understanding of good schools and seeking to enable government school and system leaders to answer the questions, ‘How do you know your schools are good? What will you do to make them good?’ and work collectively towards systemic school improvement.
Our work explores not just formal spaces of learning but also informal spaces of learning, like public libraries, that form an ecosystem of support for children.

At Adhyayan, working in collaboration with school leaders and education system leaders on stakeholder-inclusive self-review ensures regular effort and practice toward consistent school improvement. This review is done against the national framework that provides evidence of "where your school is" and also the route for your "next best step" as a school, a leader, and a teacher to make your school the best it can be for your students.

Keeping the child at the centre, we support leaders to improve and sustain school quality through systemic, data-driven governance. Our approach focuses on four cornerstones of effective leadership and governance:

  • -Working with system leaders to build a common vocabulary and vision of what 'good' schools look like.
  • -Involving all stakeholders from the student level to the State level to co-create this vision and plan of improvement.
  • -Developing and embedding strong tech-based systems to ensure continuous evidence collection, analysis, and evidence-based decision-making at all levels.
  • -Creating spaces that let leaders and teachers learn from each other, and problem-solve together in the form of 'professional learning communities.

How we will utilise these books

The Department of Education's Read Aloud program, initiated in Bardez in 2022 and extended to Pernem in 2023, addresses the post-COVID learning setback, particularly in literacy. The department introduced a groundbreaking Libraries at Home initiative for all government school children in Goa as an additional measure.

The program's first phase targets 65 government schools, providing diverse sets of storybooks in multiple languages. This effort aims to transform homes into libraries, fostering independent learning and supporting language skills. Books at home engage students in education, enabling them to practise independently.

Your contribution to Libraries at Home will empower children in various ways: understanding written language, self-guided reading comprehension, storytelling proficiency, vocabulary expansion, and developing independent learning skills. This initiative will enhance academic achievement and cultivate a broader understanding of the world, positively impacting children's learning and well-being. The funds raised will be utilised to provide children's storybooks from Pratham Books.


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