Gift the joy of reading to 8000 children in conflict-affected areas this Daan Utsav

by Shiksharth Trust

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Know more about us

Who we are

Shiksharth is a not-for-profit working with children from conflicted areas and adverse geographies to create safe spaces to provide excellent education through contextual solutions. They are currently operating in Sukma, a tribal region in Chhattisgarh suffering from conflict because of left-wing extremism.

Shiksharth enables and develops Contextual Positive Childhood Experiences for children by strengthening classroom instruction, community participation and systemic support through an integrated approach.

Our work and its impact

“47 out of 53 children in a grade 4 classroom in a tribal region, sketched a combat scene when asked to draw at will.”

A child that experiences violence, fear, trauma and socio-political instability will find it very difficult to grow as a peace advocating, compassionate and learned citizen of their country and community. Nearly 15 million children live in adverse situations because of conflict and geography. Because of a lack of representation and not being allowed to make choices, they become vulnerable. We serve these children to address the three main concerns that is, access to school, safe spaces, and contextual learning opportunities.

How we will utilise these books

Daan Utsav is India’s biggest festival of giving and during this weeklong festival Shiksharth Trust is crowdfunding storybooks from Pratham Books to share the joy of reading with conflict-affected children in various parts of India. The libraries function as safe spaces for them to explore new interests and find new ways to express themselves. We will include the stories in lesson plans and engage the children in academics with the power of storytelling. 8000 children will be impacted through our campaign.


Name Donate Amount Date
Vivek BG 500 October 11, 2022
Name Donate Amount Date
Vivek BG 500 October 11, 2022