Pages of Hope: Building a Library for the Next Generation of Tribal Children in Arunachal Pradesh

by Donyi Polo Cultural And Charitable Trust

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Itanagar, India

Know more about us

Who we are

Arunachal Pradesh’s indigenous cultural values are slowly disappearing due to modernisation. The advent of new technologies and changing lifestyles have changed the oral tradition of passing down knowledge and values to future generations, and a widening gap has emerged between the old and the new generations. This gap poses a significant challenge to the continuity of traditions and cultures within the indigenous communities.

Recognising the urgency to bridge this divide, the Donyi Polo Cultural and Charitable Trust was established to enable the smooth transmission of cultural values. The trust was founded with the primary aim of safeguarding, promoting, and propagating the age-old customs and traditions of Arunachal Pradesh. It emerged as a proactive response to the pressing need to preserve and revitalise the unique heritage of the indigenous communities in the state. To achieve this goal, the trust has established the school of Nyubu Nyvgam Yerko at Rang village, East Kameng district in Arunachal Pradesh which combines indigenous teachings with mainstream subjects for free.

Our work and its impact

The Donyi Polo Cultural and Charitable Trust is dedicated to safeguarding, promoting, and preserving the vibrant indigenous culture of Arunachal Pradesh. The schools operating under the trust follow a comprehensive curriculum that includes indigenous subjects alongside NCERT subjects. The enthusiastic response in the form of a significant increase in enrollment from the indigenous communities of Arunachal Pradesh has been overwhelming. These schools not only serve to safeguard an ancient culture but also serve as a platform to showcase our rich heritage to the world.

How we will utilise these books

The funds raised from this campaign will provide classroom libraries for our school. The children attending Nyubu Nyvgam Yerko are incredibly talented and possess an innate curiosity. They wholeheartedly embrace the joy of learning and are filled with boundless wonder and ambitious aspirations for their future. The storybooks from Pratham Books will empower the kids to explore new horizons, expand their understanding, and embark on a path towards a brighter and more fulfilling life. Your support will play a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of the Nyishi tribe.


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Anonymous 375 June 16, 2023
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