Help Fedina Organisation create safe reading spaces for kids during Daan Utsav

by Foundation for Educational Innovations in Asia (FEDINA)

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Know more about us

Who we are

Fedina was established in 1983 with a vision of creating a society free of social discrimination, violence, injustice, exploitation, and oppression and where marginalised communities participate and contribute creatively to society with a deep sense of responsibility towards nature. We raise awareness about the dynamics of social, economic, political and cultural development and build synergy for collective social action. We work on improving working conditions, wages and social security and building an atmosphere of harmonious living.
The target group that Fedina engages with is comprised of informal sector workers, women, tribals, socially marginalised groups and vulnerable communities.

Our work and its impact

Representative leadership will be developed to function in a democratic manner taking care not to reinforce/repeat relations of domination, build and strengthen their representative capacity, and enable them to address issues of violations of labour laws. These collectives meet at least once a month. Experts are brought in to hold workshops and seminars on specific issues. Through this process ultimately they sharpen and strategise on the demands for negotiation, set achievable targets and slowly gain confidence to effectively negotiate with their employers. Women will be assisted to address issues of domestic violence which often, if not addressed has a crippling effect on their participating or taking leadership roles.

How we will utilise these books

Children of ages 6 to 16 years will access the library. They will read on their own and there will be adults reading books for them. The children will also be encouraged to read books to their peers and also write their own stories. Writing skills will be developed with pictorial representation of their imagination. They will also be allowed to borrow books to read in their leisure time and return them periodically. Adults from the age of 17 to 25 years will be invited to use the space to read.

Daan Utsav or, the Joy of Giving Week is celebrated every year in India from October 2nd to 8th and is India’s biggest festival of giving during which people from all over the country join hands to perform acts of kindness. Support our campaign and help us raise funds to get delightful storybooks for kids in Bangalore.


Name Donate Amount Date
Mayuresh and Shilpa 2,000 October 11, 2022
Cyril Hamel 2,300 October 19, 2022
Anonymous 500 October 02, 2022
Swathi S 2,000 September 13, 2022
Anonymous 500 September 12, 2022
Anonymous 500 September 12, 2022
Anonymous 2,500 September 12, 2022
Anonymous 100 September 12, 2022
Name Donate Amount Date
Mayuresh and Shilpa 2,000 October 11, 2022
Cyril Hamel 2,300 October 19, 2022
Rajesh Venkatasubramanian 500 October 02, 2022
Swathi S 2,000 September 13, 2022
Guruprasad S 500 September 12, 2022
Shankar S 500 September 12, 2022
S Ravikumar 2,500 September 12, 2022
Bipin Gajbhiye 100 September 12, 2022