BOOKMANIA: Donate a book today, create hope for tomorrow

by Ashraya Initiative for Children

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Pune, India

Know more about us

Who we are

Ashraya Initiative for Children is a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering de-notified tribal communities in Pune since 2004. As a registered non-profit organisation, we have been actively working with some of the most vulnerable de-notified tribal communities in Pune, India. Ashraya focuses its programs on denotified tribes – the Waghri, Sikligar, Mahar, Matang, and Pardhi communities, located in the urban slums of Yerwada, Pune.

Ashraya's main activities are divided into three distinct yet interconnected programs: Education Outreach Program, Health Outreach Program, and Community Outreach Program. Each of these programs contributes to Ashraya's broader goal of providing opportunities, resources, and support for vulnerable children from the slums and streets of Pune, India. Ashraya's programs impact six slum areas in Yerwada, including 1500 community members. These beneficiaries range from pregnant women and students covered in the Health Program to toddlers and college kids in the Education Program.

Our work and its impact

Our focus on experiential and holistic education for the children has a profound impact on their general perception of the world around them, helping them grow in unimaginable ways. We encourage our students not only to study their curriculum but to be lifelong learners. This is where our Reading Club comes into the picture. Initially launched by the counselling team to make children comfortable with various languages, the Reading Club has transformed into a whole-school program that aims to foster a love for reading and teach the children the value of reading. Part of the Reading Club is also DEAR time, which is an acronym for Drop Everything and Read!

How we will utilise these books

Through the libraries that we aim to install across our two centres and community spaces, we want to encourage people to understand the importance of reading and the power of knowledge. These libraries and books will supplement our existing reading programs, as well as instil a familiarity with the comfort of books throughout the communities. The funds raised through BOOKMANIA will be used to provide children's storybooks from Pratham Books, further enhancing our efforts to promote a culture of reading and learning among the children.


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