Donate-a-Book is an initiative by Pratham Books to help bridge the gap between those who want to help children read and those who need books for children. Together we will build a Reading India by making storybooks accessible to thousands of children and spread the joy of reading. Pratham Books was founded with the mission of putting “a book in every child’s hand”.

To this end, we’ve spent the last 15 years creating exciting, engaging stories for children, in Indian languages, and creating access to them, all across the length and breadth of India. Along the way, we came to realise that there are thousands of people who would love to help children read, but are unaware of how to do so. This led to the idea of a crowd-funding initiative – this initiative! That would make it easy to help India’s children read. All a donor needs to do is pick an NGO, librarian, or a Reading Champion they would like to support, and with a few clicks send them a set of books that a group of children can discover, read, and enjoy! Our sole aim is to see more Indian children read, and that is why every rupee donated on this platform goes towards the books, and ensuring they reach the children for whom they are meant. At Donate-a-Book we connect those who need children’s books across India, with those who can help get these books to them.