Read Now- Sharmila's Himalayan Reading Program

by Sharmila Pal

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  • Impact: 200 children
  • Languages: English, English, Hindi
  • Beneficiary Type: Reading Centre / Library
  • Location: Leh- Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Our story

I have constructed a children's library in my neighborhood in Ladakh. The children (age range: 7-15 yrs) living here are first-generation learners from Nepali migrant workers and middleclass/low income Ladakhi families. Though they attend "English-medium" schools their reading level is very basic. My goal is to improve their reading skills and ignite a love for books, that is beyond their classroom. We are in desperate need for children's books for the library. The children especially desire English books at various reading levels. Help our Himalayan children become readers for life! As Margaret Fuller said, "Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader."

Who we are

I came to Ladakh seven years ago as a volunteer teacher for six months in Lamdon School in Leh, Zanskar (Stongde) and Sakti. I taught Mathematics, Chemistry and English. By the end of my term, I fell in love with the children and the mountains, and I never left. Ever since then, I have been doing teaching programs at various Ladakhi Schools to help children develop their reading, writing, and thinking skills. My goal is to create libraries and Reading Programs in remote Himalayan villages, in both Ladakh and beyond, and implement a Himalayan Mobile Library where I can serve the local children in remote mountain areas where there is no road access with books.

Our work and its impact

My goal is to inculcate a reading habit among rural children at a younger age. I have worked with the libraries at various local Ladakhi schools and implemented a rigorous daily reading program. Every hour (Mon-Sat; 10:30-4 PM), a group of 45 children come to the library for various story-telling, reading, writing, and creative projects related to reading. I have also established a Reading Club at the schools, where thrice a week, senior students (who have been trained to become a Reader) sit one-on-one with a junior student to do a reading session. Exam reports show that the children's English marks and reading comprehension have greatly improved.

How we will utilize these funds

I am aim to set-up and run my neighborhood Children's Library by mid July and also in-tandem run a Mobile Library to take books (on horses and mules) to children living in remote Himalayan areas where there is no road access. The collected funds will be used to buy children's books in English, and Hindi. These books will be lend to each child for a week. If they return the books in proper condition, then they are eligible to check out a second book.