Nurturing a Reading Culture for Adivasi Children of Kalaigaon Village, Assam

by Centre for Environment and Climate Action Foundation (CECAF)

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No. 2 Kalaigaon Village, near Kalaigaon Town, India

Know more about us

Who we are

The Centre for Environment and Climate Action Foundation (CECAF) was established on January 20, 2021. As a non-governmental, nonprofit entity registered under the Companies Act, 2013, we operate as a Section 8 company at the Registrar of Companies in Shillong, India. Our team consists of dedicated scientists, experts, and experienced managers tackling contemporary environmental, biodiversity, climate change, and sustainable development issues in Northeast India. Leveraging the wisdom of indigenous peoples and environmentalists, we are expanding our operational methodologies through active participation in real-time climate actions.

Our work and its impact

In March 2024, we inaugurated a special children's library in Kalaigaon village. This initiative includes:

  • - A Diverse Collection of Books: The library boasts a range of age-appropriate books in various languages and genres, from fiction and non-fiction to reference materials and educational games.
  • - A Stimulating Learning Environment: We have created a safe, inviting space that fosters discovery, creativity, and independent learning, featuring comfortable reading areas, dedicated storytelling spaces, and educational tools like computers and tablets.
  • - Community Engagement: Regular events such as read-alouds, book clubs, reading competitions, and workshops are held to foster a love of reading and involve the community actively.
  • - Collaboration with Schools: The library collaborates with local schools to integrate its resources into their curricula, providing additional educational support to students.

How we will utilise these books

Our goal is to establish a vibrant, welcoming space where children from Kalaigaon village can develop a passion for reading, explore new ideas, and cultivate a lifelong love of learning through books from Pratham Books.

Our strategies include:

  • - Providing Relevant Books: We aim to build a diverse collection of culturally relevant and age-appropriate books that cater to various interests.
  • - Creating a Learning-Friendly Environment: The library is designed to be child-friendly, with colourful furniture, comfortable reading spaces, and educational activities.
  • - Organising Literacy Programs: We host regular storytelling sessions, workshops, and reading clubs to enhance literacy and community engagement.
  • - Empowering Volunteers and Educators: Training for community members is provided to effectively manage the library, conduct activities, and nurture a reading culture in the village.

This project will impact approximately 1,000 children, including those from rural and tribal areas and children with special needs, by providing them access to valuable educational resources.


Name Donate Amount Date
Udeepta Phukan 375 June 29, 2024
Bikash Prodhan 375 June 27, 2024
Lutfa Hanum Salima Begum 1,000 June 27, 2024
Muralidhara Reddy Daram 1,000 June 27, 2024
Anonymous 1,000 June 26, 2024
Anonymous 750 June 26, 2024
Anonymous 500 June 26, 2024
Name Donate Amount Date
Udeepta Phukan 375 June 29, 2024
Bikash Prodhan 375 June 27, 2024
Lutfa Hanum Salima Begum 1,000 June 27, 2024
Muralidhara Reddy Daram 1,000 June 27, 2024
Kenny Basumatary 1,000 June 26, 2024
Rineesha Goswami 750 June 26, 2024
Monikankana Das 500 June 26, 2024