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Who we are

Barack Obama once said, “Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible". Children require books to stimulate their imagination apart from the texts they read in school. However, most rural schools, operating on cost-effective budgets, have limited resources to support a library.

Project Kitab is an initiative by Read to India that aims to address this lack of access to quality reading material in rural India by building libraries in remote regions. We believe that young minds will benefit from the provision of library resources as it will enable them to stretch their imagination to new limits, as well as develop their critical thinking skills.

Our work and its impact

Project Kitab identifies book deserts across India, and aims to build functional libraries in them, and giving underprivileged children access to interesting and engaging multilingual storybooks. Our primary goal is to foster foundational literacy among the nation's future leaders. With the help of structured reading programmes, combined with fun-filled activities, we aim to instill a passion for reading and learning among the students.

How we will utilise these books

The funds from this campaign will be utilised to fill our libraries with multilingual storybooks from Pratham Books. We also plan to organise regular reading sessions to inspire students to read more.

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