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Step 1 : Register & Build your campaign.


Fill out our simple 4 steps form to build your own Campaign.


Step 2: Submit to go Live.


Step 3: Once live, share within your network and on social media.


The more you share, the more you get!

Step 4: Potential Donors find you and get to know about your work.


Step 5: Donors donate and help you reach your target.


Step 6: Pratham Books sends you books of your choice.


Step 7: Children get to read books of their level, language and choice.



Beneficiary FAQs:

1. Am I eligible to raise money for books?

If you are an individual or an organisation that works with children in India, and seek help to spread the joy of reading to these children, then you are eligible! You do not necessarily have to be a registered charity to build a campaign.

2. How long does it take to set up?

You will have to fill our simple 3 step beneficiary form which will help us identify you and your work. Once the campaign is created, it will take us 2 to 3 working days for us to verify it. Once verified, your campaign goes live, and you can start spreading the word about it.

3. How much does it cost?

There is no fee for setting up a fund-raising campaign. You can set up your campaign for free and get donations for the books you require.

4. How long does a campaign run?

The average duration of a campaign to be featured on Donate-a-Book is 30 days

5. What are the ways in which I can promote my campaign to increase donations?

Once the campaign is up, start sharing it with your circle of friends and well wishers requesting them to donate for the campaign. You could also send out emailers or run awareness campaigns on your social media to raise awareness about your campaign. Pratham Books will also be spreading a word about the running campaigns on its social media along with targeted emailers to help you achieve your fund raising goal.

6. What if I don’t achieve my set target?

Even if you don’t achieve 100% of your target, you are eligible to get books of the amount you have already raised funds for. For example, if your target amount for Rs.10,000/- but at the end of your campaign period you could raise only Rs.7500/-, you can still choose books for that amount. Books worth Rs.7500/- would reach you.

7. In how many days will I get the books?

After your campaign is over, a list of in-stock books will be sent to you. You are required to revert within 10 working days with your choice and preference of books required. Once we get your list, the books will reach you within 30 working days.

8. What are the other things I should know before I start?

Do look at our Terms of Use before you start. If there are still any more questions, do drop in an email at



  1. Every campaign must have a campaign page with an image and description that introduces you or your organisation and the work it does. Choose an image which is a reflection of your work and makes your page visually engaging.
  2. State the purpose of the campaign clearly. E.g : Creating a Library for under-resourced school in rural Maharashtra.
  3. Tell the story behind your work. List achievements of the past and the expansion plans that you may have for future. Donors would feel more involved in your project if they know more about you.
  4. Think through and have a achievable target for your campaign. A target is proof that you’ve planned for the number of books and hence know what are you going to do with them. This brings in credibility.
  5. Keep your language simple and descriptions within word limits but be as expressive as you can. Donors would consider a donation if they know you and trust you.


  1. Do not share any false information. All information that you mention in your campaign is your responsibility and must be accurate and legitimate.
  2. Do not use any image that does not belong to you and could be copyrighted. This could invite legal issues.
  3. Do not put a target which is too much or too less. Putting a realistic target, with a clearly defined goal will help you achieve it.
  4. Refrain from using any text, image or language that may be offensive or obscene in nature. This could lead to your campaign getting rejected at the review stage.
  5. Do not spam : This includes link-bombing, promoting a project where it shouldn’t be promoted, sending unsolicited @’s on Twitter, hyping third-party services, and using email lists from outside sources, to name a few.

Social Media Handbook : Donate-a-Book

'Donate-a-Book', a unique crowd-funding platform, is an initiative by Pratham Book that enables non profits, schools and Reading Champions to raise funds for books to help India’s children read. The platform bridges the gap between those who need books and those who want to help bridge the gap.

This guide has been put together to amplify your campaign’s presence and help you reach your fundraising goal. The guide contains examples/suggestions of how you can extend the reach of your/your organization’s campaign through social media. As your campaign will be visible to your audience as well as our audience, here are some tips on how to reach your audiences and also help us share your campaign with ours.


Use of hashtags

Pratham Books will be using the hashtag #donateabook to talk about the DAB platform and campaigns. You can also use the same hashtag for us to find your campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

Example : We are trying to create 3 libraries in Maharashtra district and we need your help. Donate to our campaign on (link to your campaign) #donateabook

Tagging Pratham Books

When you tag Pratham Books on social media, we can easily see your campaigns and share them at different points in time.

On Facebook, please tag us by typing @Pratham Books (you should get an auto suggestion from Facebook. Please do not confuse us with the organization Pratham as we are different organizations and we will not be able to see your tag). Alternatively, you can tag us in the comments of your specific post too.

On Twitter, we are @prathambooks. Tag us so we can share your campaign through a retweet.


Things to keep in mind for all your communication :


  - correct link to your individual campaign

  - end date of your campaign

  - specific ask from the audience (example : Donate Rs.100 to get more books into our library, Donate to build our library)

Emailers/ Newsletters

Once your campaign goes live, you can reach out to your audience by sharing how they can help you achieve your goal. It is a good idea to mention specifics of the program for which you are raising funds. With our communication, we have realized that keeping things short and specific is useful.

You may want to set up an appeal in terms of absolute quantities. Example : Rs.500/- from you will enable 14 children to get new books and share them with 14 others!

You can also send reminders to your audience close to the end of your campaign to remind them that they can still donate. (example : 5 more days left to donate)


This space allows you to share more details about your campaign than a medium like Facebook and Twitter. It allows you to elaborate on how the books will be beneficial to the kids you work with and the purpose for youour campaign.

Example of a campaign we ran asking people to vote for us in a challenge :

Also, if you look at this link (and the links within the post), you can see how we built this campaign to showcase how different stakeholders will benefit from a platform we wanted to build :


A visual medium like Facebook helps people see the actual work that you are doing, the kids you work with, previous successful projects, etc. It also allows for more frequent updates (vs sending out an emailer). You can also mention how close you are to achieving your target. We have shared links to some sample creatives later in this document. Use the hashtag #donateabook and tag @PrathamBooks so we can see your campaign too.


Tell the world about your campaign and link to it.

Using an image with your tweet may also help people see your campaign.

Please tag @prathambooks too so that we can retweet your message too. Example : We need your help to get 500 books to our library. Donate on @prathambooks #donateabook (link to campaign)

Use the #donateabook hashtag for us to find your tweets too.

If you know of Twitter influencers or they follow you/your work, please do not hesitate to ask them to Retweet your appeal. At the same time, please take care to not spam them by tagging them too often. Once or twice is enough to catch somebody’s eye.

Sample creatives

These are creatives which we have used to make announcements, inform about contests and deadlines, etc. These creatives are just examples :

Facebook cover with a request :

Facebook post with a request :

Facebook post outlining steps to follow :

Quantifying the work you do (can be used to talk about what purpose the books serve in your organization) :

Thank you note :

We love this thank you note Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya sent us :

Reminders that you are close to the end of the campaign.

Example 1:

Example 2 :

Example 3 :


Thank you update :

Send an update thanking your supporters for helping you achieve your goal. You can mention the concrete action that all of them have taken. (example : You’ve helped us get 5000 books into our school. Thank you!). You can send this immediately after your campaign ends, and once again maybe after the books reach you and the kids.

Share the impact :

Once the books reach you and the kids, we would love to see pictures or hear about it (maybe in a blog post?). This also helps us showcase the impact of the platform and encourage others to start campaigns to get books to the kids they work with.

If you have a tip that you think will help other organizations fundraise for their campaigns, please share it with us at web(at)prathambooks(dot)org.

Click here to download the handbook.

Beneficiary form


Step 1: Getting to know you

Congratulations on your first step towards setting up your very own fund raising campaign on Pratham Books' Donate-a-Book . We want to know more about your organisation and the work you do.
Answer each question to the best of your knowledge and if you have a query please write to us at
If you would like to fill this form offline, you can download it here . After filling in all the details, email the form to

Which category best describes you? *

Pick one category that best describes you and the reason you are raising funds. Please take your time to select this as this impacts the next steps.

Please select any one option below. *

Tell us a little more about you/your organisation

Please select any one option below.

In case of an individual, a residence address can be given.

Enter Head Office Address.

In case of an individual, a personal phone number can be given.

Enter Head Office Phone Number.

Please add the organisation's email ID. It should not be individual specific.

In case of an individual, a personal email id can be given.

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Website should start with http://

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Facebook link should start with http://

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Twitter link should start with http://

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Blog link should start with http://

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Please update us on your organisation's certifications:

Not applicable in case of individuals

Stay in touch

Please give details of any one person from your organisation with whom we can stay in touch.

Contact Person

Enter Name.
Enter Position.
Invalid Email Id.
Enter Phone Number.

Step 2: Get Started

You are just a few steps away from getting fabulous books to the children you work with!

What are you raising funds for? *

Please select what you wish to raise funds for from these two donation options.

  1. If you only need books for your library or reading sessions or an event we recommend you choose just Books.
  2. If you wish to build a classroom library and need a modular unit with book sets, try our Library-in-a-classroom unit. Click on it to see how easy it is to set up a library!

You can also choose a mix of different product offerings in the same fund raising campaign!

Choose any one / more than one option below

Note - Each LIC kit contains books worth Rs.4500/- and Rs.500/- goes towards packaging and handling.

Based on your requirement as mentioned above your funding goal is:

Number of Books
Fund raising amount

PLEASE NOTE: The fund-raising amount includes the cost of books and the shipping charges. However, Pratham Books reserves the right to adjust the number of books being sent to you depending on the MRP of the books chosen by you, the inventory levels and the final amount that your campaign raises.

Language Preference *

You can raise funds for books in upto 3 different languages.

Please give a language preference for the books you need for us to serve you better.

Enter number of books in at least one language.

Duration of the campaign

Each campaign on Donate-a-Book is featured for 30 days.

Step 3: Set-up your campaign

This is the final step towards setting up your fund raising campaign. Make sure you fill in this section well, as this is what your donors will see before they decide to support you. This information will go live on your campaign page.

Upload an image of your work or organisation here

Please upload only jpeg/png images in horizontal / landscape format.

Select an image for your campaign.
Image file size should be less than 1 MB.
Image should be in jpeg, png, or gif formats.

Funding Goal

State *

Please select any one state in the list

City *

Enter City

Impact numbers *

Enter number of children being impacted.
Please select at least one option above.

Campaign Title *

Make it unique, and not general. E.g: Priti Foundation’s Rural Reading Program(Max. 10 words)

Short Description


This is what goes right under your Project Title and gives the Donor the info that will help generate interest in your cause. The shorter, the better. Give a snapshot of what your project is all about and why it is important. E.g : We are a class of 25 eight year olds studying in a Government school in Delhi. We require books for our classroom library for we wish to read more books and in our preferred language and at our reading level. Help us become readers for life. (Not more than 100 words)

My Story

Share your story in this column below and tell potential donors why your campaign is important. Introduce yourself and describe your work. Explain how you plan to utilize the funds and how will it impact the children/community you work with. Be specific and transparent to earn donor’s trust.

For your benefit, the ‘My Story’ column is divided into 3 simple guiding questions to help you present your story better.


Not more than 150 words


Not more than 200 words

Explain the way you are utilizing the funds.

Not more than 200 words

Preview your Campaign Page :

Before you submit the campaign click here to see how your campaign page looks and edit if required. Once you click on submit, your application moves into the screening process and you will not be able to change anything.

You need to accept the terms and conditions to proceed.