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Who we are

We are a class of 25 grade IV leaders - to - we study in a low income private school in Old City, Hyderabad. We require books for our classroom library for we dream to be avid readers and wish to increase our comprehension skills. Also, we would like to infer from and/or connect to the morals from these books to solve real life problems.We strive to become independent learners for a life time, who are responsible, respectful and loving.

Our work and its impact

I am Swetali Mahapatra, an engineer by profession. My passion for teaching and working for education has brought me to the platform called 'Teach For India', where I got the opportunity to guide and mentor twenty five highly potential kids and at the same time learn from them.I am a teacher, friend and a guide to a bunch of enthusiastic and bright kids in a low income school in Hyderabad.

How we will utilise these books

Being a teacher to 25 kids, I try and incorporate 'academic excellence', 'values and mindsets' and 'exposure and access' in their everyday learning. Each day is focused on making my kids better learners than the day before. I believe that being an effective speaker, listener, to be able to comprehend and solve societal problems is the need of the day. This is what I prepare my kids for everyday.I want my kids to become independent individuals who take wise decisions by themselves. We build a library in our class. The funds will be utilized to get books for this library. I aim to make my class room 'literacy - rich' where each of my kids can find a book that suits their learning level. The aim is to make avid readers and problem solvers of our age.

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Swetali Mahapatra