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Who we are

Sangopita which runs a school for special children uses teaching aids. Of these the most significant is aids which are visual. Books, rather picture books make a lasting and profound impression on the child's mind. Books which gives a vivid visual descriptions of functional activities, social behavioral lessons, various events etc are critical in the learning process of a challenged child. Thus Sangopita plans to have a library of books depicting various aspects of day to day life. Better than parrot tuition, interaction by child on its own through books allows them to learn at their own pace.

Our work and its impact

Sangopita A shelter for care is an NGO engaged in service to the mentally challenged population in the society. Such children are mostly dependent on others for even their daily routines. These children cannot attend normal schools. Their special needs and continuous monitoring needs makes them unmanageable at home and are best cared for in institutions such as Sangopita. We provide shelter, affectionate care , nutritious food, education, medicines, therapies, vocational trainings and entertainment under a single roof. We also run a special school for non resident special children.

How we will utilise these books

In our special school both resident (in our 24/7 center) and non resident children attend class room sessions from 10 to 5, five days a week. We have specially trained special educators who teach the children at their own individual pace of learning ability. The school educate the children not only in academic section but also or rather more so on functional and social education. A family with a challenged child often is traumatized by social neglect, stigma, and feels drained out physically and emotionally. To see the child get an opportunity for proper education (denied in a normal school) brings relief, joy and happiness to the entire family members. The case of Rahul an ex student of SANGOPITA very well depicts the success of our endevor. A drop out from normal school, lonely and aloof in the beginning slowly opened up at Sangopita. with personal attention and recognizing his latent talent, he was taught PR course (social interaction, excahnge of currency, knowledge of trading etc.). after a period of 4 years, he started acting as a receptionist at the school and subsequently became a working member of the family's fruit selling business. The children who are at SANGOPITA's residential center as well as those who attend our special school, come from poor/lower middle class families. For them to pay the school fee itself is a burdensome task, hence paying extra for other facilities (library) is out of question. SANGOPITA has more expenses on these children than the only regular revenue(meager fees) for running the school and the residential center. Hence for the recurring shortfalls and extra developmental projects we depend on donations. With the funds raised,we would be procuring relevant storybooks etc after consulting Educators and set up a library. The library would primarily be for Sangopita's children but will also be open for the neighboring village population.

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