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Who we are

Henny Penny Libraries is a modest effort to ensure that book reading is still kept alive among our children. DEEP Foundation aspires to make books accessible to children across India, especially those who are less fortunate. With 2700 children benefitting through 35 Libraries and wish to add 700 more to our family with 7 new libraries.

Our work and its impact

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” It's this simple, yet empowering philosophy that determines the essence of DEEP Foundation. DEEP’s work encompasses education and training related initiatives to help the economically and socially disadvantaged. We pool like-minded people and organizations together on one platform, allowing them to contribute positively towards driving inclusive growth. No member of DEEP Foundation receives financial gain of any kind but the true satisfaction of knowing that, at the very least, they are attempting to make a difference.

How we will utilise these books

DEEP Foundation reaches out to over 2700 children and youth through their following key initiatives : 1. Project NEEV – The school after school imparting functional literacy and life skills that helps our mainstreamed children to navigate society better. We have had a 100% XIIth board result over the years with all of them making it to Delhi University and pursuing their graduation with the scholarships we provide. We have 1 Center in Delhi 2. Henny Penny Libraries - across 35 centers spread over 12 cities across India. We encourage and inculcate the habit of reading in English and the local vernacular and also impart value based communication in all our workshops. 3. Mobile school for the nomadic shepherds in Jammu & Kashmir where we work closely with the children of the Bakkarwal tribe 4. DEEP Agroliance – Capacity building and acting as a nodal agency for Integrated Agricultural Development in J&K State DEEP Foundation’s biggest measurable reward has been in inculcating a love for books among the Primary level children. This encourages them to further their education, thereby lowering the dropout rates at the Secondary level. They also imbibe strong values and enhanced social skills. The older children are encouraged to pursue Undergraduate programmes. We are raising funds to to open 7 new Henny Penny Libraries & Classroom corners in Delhi/NCR, Uttarakhand and J&K. In this year our Libraries shall benefit approximately 700 children, taking the number of children impacted positively through our Henny Penny Libraries initiative to 3400 by the year end.

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