Delightful storybooks for rural children in Kolhapur, Maharashtra

by Insight Walk Education

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Who we are

Insight Walk Education is a registered non-profit organisation based in rural Kolhapur, Maharashtra. We run an 18-month fellowship programme for female fellows who work with 40-60 children from their respective villages in an after-school intervention programme.

Our work and its impact

The scope of our work and its impact can be summarised in six points:
1. All our fellows/teachers are women who are from the same community/village as the children. All of them are school/college dropouts.
2. Children have the freedom to design their own syllabus.
3. Children from mixed-age groups engage in hands-on learning.
4. Children document and learn about their community, and cultivate a multitude of skills including painting, conducting science experiments, studying soil science and wildlife conservation, photography, quilling, origami, miniature art, fabric dyeing, journalism, storytelling, pottery, cinematography, archiving, chalk carving, charcoal painting, hand embroidery, bamboo craft, reading and writing, and more.
5. Most of our projects revolve around creating sustainable cycles and up-cycling trash. For example, organic farming, making organic colours and fertilisers, and farming equipment using discarded material, etc.
6. Learning at our community centres is not restricted to children. Our projects focus on building a community mindset. The children have influenced dozens of farmers to cultivate organic turmeric.

How we will utilise these books

The funds from the campaign will be used to get colourful and multilingual storybooks from Pratham Books. Reading will help children continue learning from home. With the help of these books, we aim to help children explore various skills within the confines of their homes. The majority of our children are first-generation learners, hence we must ensure their studies remain uninterrupted.

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