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Vinod Shendage

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Who we are

Lok Vichar Pratisthan is a social welfare organisation that primarily works in the education sector. Wachan Sanskar Kendra, a reading and writing centre set up by Lokvichar Pratisthan in Parbhani, Maharashtra has been running Akshar Anand - reading and writing campaigns for the community for over two years. We also conduct educational programmes about astronomy to educate the community and eradicate superstitions; promote the habit of cycling to improve health and spread awareness about the ill effects of pollution.

Our work and its impact

Through the Akshar Anand campaign, diverse reading and writing-based activities are organised in the Kendras. We conduct the activities in public places of worship like temples and mosques to spread awareness about the importance of reading to as many people as possible, adults and children alike. Children learn by example, therefore when they see their parents and other family members reading, they will naturally develop an interest in reading and slowly develop a liking for it. We also organise reading competitions to engage the community as a whole.

How we will utilise these books

The funds raised from this campaign will be used to get joyful, age-appropriate storybooks from Pratham Books. We will distribute 50 storybooks to numerous Wachan Sanskar Kendras located in different villages, and shuffle the storybooks every two months. We will also distribute the books to local schools where students will write book reviews or summarise them verbally. In this way, we will make sure that the children read and understand the storybooks.

We are raising these funds for

समाज मे बच्चो मे किताबे पडणे की आदत निर्माण होने के लिए एस एस समाज विवेकी बन जायेगा समाज ज्ञानी बनेगा इसलिये हम करते है


Vinod Shendage