Nikita's class of Book Sailors

by TeachforIndia/Nikita Kabra

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Our story

My class of 24 second graders, naughty yet very smart kids have started generating passion in the kingdom of books. Donate and help them soar high into this colourful world.

Who we are

I am Nikita Kabra, currently working in Teach for India as a fellow. Teach for India places fellows in low-income urban schools. I have been placed in Maharishi Dayanand School (near Saijpur Bogha Village) as a 2nd grade teacher, teaching awesome 24 seven year old kids.

Our work and its impact

I am a fellow in Teach for India. Teach for India has been working since 2009 with low-income urban schools trying hard to end educational inequity. We have a simple vision that 'One day all children will receive an excellent education'.

How we will utilize these funds

The funds will be utilized to make the kids avid and interested readers by the end of the year. They'll be able to read independently and in a variety of genres.