Little wonders Reading Space

by Aditi ( Teach for India)

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Our story

We are class of 26 kids learning in an government school in chennai. We require books for our reading space so that we can read more books, through which we can learn more. Help us to read more books so that we can be passionate about reading for life

Who we are

I am Teach for India fellow, teaching a bunch of 26 kids in second standard in a government school in chennai. This a first year intervention classroom. A library will be really be a wonderful opportunity for the kids to reach out to learn not only through their syllabus, but all from other excellent books outside the academic content

Our work and its impact

We aim to give a sustained and balance education to the kids we teach. Through this approach the kids not only learn academic content but life skills. It also helps them believe that if they dream and work hard, it will help them achieve their dreams. In turn they will follow their hearts and passion which will make the society we live better and safe through this change in the leaders of the future

How we will utilize these funds

We have an school library, so some of the books bought through this campaign will be in class and the remaining will be kept in the school library. The passion and learning through the reading will spread to all the kids in the school. So that it will be useful to all the kids in the school to learn not only out of the academic books, through other genre of books