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Our story

We are an NGO that works with children who cannot even afford their school books but have a keen interest to learn. They need books that can help develop in addition to their vocabulary, their creativity & imagination,kindling the excitement of finding knowledge both enriching themselves and enhancing their contribution to society.

Who we are

We started as a small organization by a group of Doctors, social workers and prominent citizens of Pondicherry in 2003 with 20 children which has reached to over 600 now. Sadly children and adults with disabilities form the most ignored section of our society. Fuelled by the desire to ‘reach the unreached’, Satya was set up to serve as an integrated centre for disability rehabilitation.Apart from providing free and quality rehabilitation services, Satya is working tirelessly towards making CWSNs as independent as possible and alleviating the social stigma that affects these individuals and their families.

Our work and its impact

It has been a long and arduous yet heartening journey for Satya. Today, we not only stand as change agents in the field of disability management but are also pioneering a number of unique initiatives in the Pondicherry. Currently, we cater to over 600 children with special needs through various services. We function in 2 urban and 3 rural centres. Our Mobile therapy unit covers 44 rural villages of Pondicherry by providing home based services to over 200 children with special needs. With the idea of moving towards an inclusive society where all children are treated equally, Satya has been initiating various peer to peer activities to help main stream children with special needs and provide them opportunities on par with children in main stream society.

How we will utilize these funds

Research shows that reading has a significant impact on neuro-cognitive development of children. Reading can be the only solution bridging literacy and libraries. Apart from literacy, the sheer pleasure of enjoying a book can instantly lift one’s mood and spirit, can open up an individual’s imagination, can spark creativity or simply create awe in one’s mind. The funds would help Satya provide children from all walks of life an inclusive atmosphere where they would have access to books outside their academic syllabus. It would be an inclusive CHILD CENTRIC reading programme to help children become better members of society.