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by Teach For India, Bangalore

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Our story

I work at Teach for India as a fellow and I teach Grade 3 in a government school at Whitefield. We are a class of 30 kids, and along with other 3 Teach for India classrooms, we are making baby steps in learning how to read and write. We really need age-appropriate Pratham books so that we can become good strong readers capable of forming opinion .

Who we are

My name is Sidharth Sadarangani and I am a commerce graduate, currently working doing the Teach for India fellowship. In the last a year or so, my interest in the education sector of India has increased and I am absolutely astounded by the stark realities of the current situation. The fact that only 20% of the children who enrol in primary school make it to college and only 55% of children in India are capable can read and write, and grade 2 texts cannot be read by grade 5 kids make me really sad, but also inspire to work hard in the classroom and attempt to create change

Our work and its impact

I teach Maths, Reading Comprehension, Reading Fluency and Writing for a total teaching time for about 3 hours a day. In addition, I consciously try and impart values and mindsets in my classroom and also create exposure and access. The kids (as I have already said before) are unbelievable intelligent and their potential knows no limit. The only missing piece to the puzzle is their lack of access to resources and their general lack of opportunity. There are lots of instances/incidents and circumstances which leave me dejected and depressed on a daily basis. But one thing that never fails to lift my spirits is my daydream of what a terrific superpower India would be, if each child in this country had equal and basic opportunity. My work is focussed on achieving that dream through building literacy at a very young age, coupled with a strong value system and adequate exposure

How we will utilize these funds

I will use the funds crowd-sourced by Pratham Books to build a classroom library. The library will be used extensively during the teaching process, thereby making lessons fun and engaging and proving the children with strong foundations to be avid readers in the future. The aim is that each of the 110 children in all TFI classrooms in the school have access to books which will build the foundation for their reading and comprehension capabilities. These skills will also aid them to be strong writers and eventually be powerful thinkers, growing to be anything they want to be in the future.