Kisan High School Reading Promotion Program

by Mentor Together

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Our story

Kisan High School is a trust run school in Shahapur Taluka almost 2 hours away from Mumbai. They require books for their classroom library in Marathi and English for students from class 5th to 12th. This school caters to children coming from under-resourced, agriculture communities.

Who we are

Mentor Together is an award-winning non-profit organisation that has pioneered the youth mentoring movement in India. With over 10 years of expertise, Mentor Together has matched over 6500 mentees across 5 cities and 4 rural areas in India. The need for mentors is even greater outside of tier 1 cities, where young people have few role models to access and learn from in their immediate networks, starting off our work in Shahapur.

Our work and its impact

Mentor Together developed Mentor To Go - a distance mentoring program which allows our mentees to engage with mentors using our smartphone app instead of meeting in person. Our app allows mentors to call their mentee, access the mobile mentoring curriculum and learn from other mentors. Mentor Together launched its remote mentorship program in 2016. Mentor To Go, a mobile app based mentoring program was piloted across 2 rural and 2 semi-urban areas in Maharashtra and Karnataka. About 250 adolescent girls have been benefited with our remote mentorship program across 2 states.

How we will utilize these funds

Mentor Together is planning to add to the existing resources and build a reading habit among students from Kisan High School. The collected funds will go into buying books with visual and engaging content in Marathi and English.