Krishi's READ2LEAD Program (Gift A Book)

by Krishi Integrated Rural Development Society

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Our story

READ2LEAD Program: Krishi.NGO has launched this as a flagship program to set up libraries in government run schools. This program will evolve over the years as a Resource Center for the village based on the support from stake holders and teachers. We closely work across remotest rural and tribal villages besides slums to provide access to the necessary educational resources, and also ensure reading habits to LEAD their life with ASPIRATIONS.

Who we are

We are a group of like minded dedicated to the task of Education and Empowerment as a means to SOCIAL and RURAL DEVELOPMENT. While many of our key contributors are full-time corporate executives employed with Indian and foreign firms and come from diverse professional backgrounds. The Organization was formally registered on 28th March 2005 with Govt. of AP in India wide Registration number 200/2005. Our Krishi founding members then just finished their education in early 2000 years and taken up their first job. Their rural backgrounds, hardships, and hard work triggered them to take up education related and rural development related programmes in rural villages. We call every individual associated with our work as “Krishian” and will have equal respect of the existing members. We believe in diversity and inclusion – All of our programmes are designed to act above the caste, creed, religion, gender, age, backgrounds etc.

Our work and its impact

READ2LEAD Program: READ as we evolved a Standard Operating Procedure: R- R refers to the Routine, Regular, Recurring > Reading should be made as a habit to the children at primary grades. So that, they carry this habit for their life-time. E- E refers to the Environment to endear > the library should have proper environment to make children to visit often and enjoy reading as one of their core activities. Besides we also encourage the teachers, parents and volunteers to participate in READ2CHILD activities. A- A refers to Access and Accessibility > It is our basic responsibility to ensure ACCESS to books and library resource in-line with the expectations of the children. D- D refers to Dialogue, Debate, and Discussion > we envision to make reading as an enjoyable experience and a collective activity. Where teachers, parents and volunteers will participate in READ2CHILD activities and discuss the contents of the book, Q & A sessions, play skits etc. Since children are more attracted to Storytelling sessions, occasionally we are also planning to invite Counselling Psychologists, Storytellers and Grand Parents, Senior Citizens on these activities.

How we will utilize these funds

Resources and support provided by Krishi NGO:  Library books based on grade levels from Pre-KG to 5th Grade for primary schools and from 5th to 10th Grade for secondary high schools.  Reading Log books one per each student.  Book Shelf, book Racks and or trunk boxes for safe book keeping.  Volunteers on Saturdays with advance notice to the teachers.  As we make good progress and after gaining confidence of teachers, we plan to upgrade the library room as a Krishi Digital Learning & Resource Center. Digital Class Room Internet Facility (in case not available) Video conference Setup to interact with students, volunteers and experts from across the world. Tablets computers and Kindle Read books Google Home – Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing based gadget to help improve the communication skills of the children. Besides they can ask any Wikipedia or google search kind of questions to get learn by interactive inquiries.