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Our story

I am working at a school in a remote rural village in Maharashtra. We are working towards providing quality education. We strongly believe that if we get joyful reading materials we will set up a library bringing light in the lives of our 44 students. They are eager to read.

Who we are

I am a teacher at a school and I am a volunteer too. I strongly believe that reading is our basic need. We can't build a society without books. If we are working towards building a brighter tomorrow for India, then we must give ample opportunities for our children to read.

Our work and its impact

Our students have great enthusiasm for colorful books. If we give them access to books, it would motivate them to read and create an atmosphere to read and discuss, which I am sure they will do honestly. I am doing my best to motivate and encourage students to read, think, and be able to express themselves. I love reading books and I strongly believe I could get my students to develop the love of reading.

How we will utilize these funds

I want to start a library corner in my school and provide full and free access to children to sit and read whatever interests them. It will provide a conducive atmosphere to read and discuss. My students are rural and tribal areas. They reach here by a 1-2 kilometer walk. I believe that using the library corner could change their lives and reap the benefits of reading.