A Step Towards Our Dream

by Teach For India

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Our story

The 22 different minds in our classroom always looking forward to the Reading Comprehension classes where we all explore different characters from the story and get to know each character deeply from the stories. We are curious eight-year olds who love reading books.

Who we are

I am a Teaching Fellow at Teach For India. I am placed in a Low-Income Private school and currently teach the curious and enthusiastic 22 second grade kids in Chennai.

Our work and its impact

Teach For India is an organization working with Government school/Low-Income private schools in urban areas to give the children the opportunities and exposure having the vision that “One Day All Children will Attain an Excellent Education”. The first step towards attaining the excellent education is to give children the opportunity to learn, explore and reflect on their learning. Making these opportunities accessible for the children is important for them to make better choices for themselves.

How we will utilize these funds

The collected fund is aimed to buy books for the kids to learn various things from different stories. I believe that each time the child reads a story, there will be ateast one word that might expose a new world for the child. I am trying to create a spark in each child through this process and to find joy in learning.