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Our story

Library campaign is one of the key process which directly impact to the students Reading and communication skills. This also help to create joyful environment, which support to student retention and attendance.

Who we are

O'range Foundation is working with a vision of supporting youth to find their passion through practical exposure of various social aspects. On priority, we are working with the youth who have been victims of some form of abuse. We are engaging them in a system of interesting curriculum to discover themselves and chalk their own growth.

Our work and its impact

The school library would hardly need a definition for someone reading this. The chances are that you would in your professional capacity, have contributed to the setting up and operations of libraries in schools. To build common vocabulary/understanding, in our specific area of interest – School libraries, and to be more specific, libraries for elementary schools - we define libraries as inclusive learning spaces, resourced with a variety of books and in some cases with other audio visual/digital material of interest to children. The child is at the centre and the purpose of the library. All its programmes and processes are designed to support improved child learning and development. There are many who believe that the process of education is considered incomplete without libraries and that they are inseparable with education and the development of a child.

How we will utilize these funds

Library books will be given to first phase demonstration school. In this we are targeting to provide 500+ library books in each school. a. Identifying physical spaces and creating a conducive learning environment b. Encouraging teachers and students to become involved c. Arranging books for library. d. Set-up alignments with lesson plans and time table