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Our story

Isha Vidhya aims to provide high quality school education to rural children who cannot otherwise afford it. "Donate-a-book for Isha Vidhya" will help the children develop their reading, comprehension and interest in reading. General knowledge will improve and their dependence for entertainment will reduce giving rise to better learning and development of the mind.

Who we are

Isha Vidhya rural schools have been started in villages (under the umbrella of Isha Education, established in 2005) to provide high quality school education to underprivileged rural children who cannot otherwise access or afford it. Isha Vidhya’s English-medium schools provide a holistic, activity-based approach. This nurtures children’s development beyond just academics and ensures that students realize their full potential and learn in a joyful manner. Today there are 9 rural schools with 6600 children in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. We also work on quality enhancement in 40 Govt. schools in TN impacting over 28000 children.

Our work and its impact

Isha Vidhya schools > take education beyond literacy and rudimentary skills > strive to make children fluent in English and adept in computer skills paving the way for pursuing higher studies and gainful employment > adopt a nurturing approach to education, helping children realize their full potential > actively promote education of girls > increase educational awareness in rural communities while preserving village identities and culture Many students are first-generation learners from under-privileged families. About 60% of these children are supported on full tuition scholarships while the rest pay a nominal fee. The interventions in Govt. schools provide English capabilities to the children and special attention to slow learners to mainstream them. In the absence of these interventions, children in Govt. schools would be severely handicapped in pursuing higher studies or gainful employment.

How we will utilize these funds

Our children come from villages and most of them are attending the school for first time in their generation. Their parents are either illiterate or dropped out of school, which is creating a hardship amongst the children to study well and inculcate reading habits. While they have access to read something in vernacular language (either newspaper or other books available in their villages) they hardly get to read English books. We hope that these books will not only make interesting reading but also help them become proficient in English.