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Our story

Parikrma runs 4 free high-quality schools for children coming from the slums of Bangalore. We require 15 sets of Pratham's books so that we can read both to our students as well as their friends from the slum communities who do not have access to books or good quality education. Bring the gift of books to us

Who we are

Established in April 2003, Parikrma Humanity Foundation is a not-for-profit that provides the best possible education to the poorest children from the slums of urban India. Today, with 4 schools and 1 Junior College, Parikrma delivers free high-quality education to 1800 children coming from the slums and orphanages of Bangalore. We go to great lengths to ensure that the poorest from the Bangalore's slums get a ‘global’ education which not only includes an English language CBSE curriculum, but also exposure to sports, art, theater, dance and music. Parikrma’ s 360-degree development model covers every aspect of the child’s life, completing the ‘Circle of Life’ of every child by looking after holistic nutrition, healthcare and family welfare to ensure a stable home environment. Built around an end-to-end model, we support our children from the age of 5 until they are 25, when they have completed their education and obtained well-paying employment.

Our work and its impact

Over the last 16 years, we have recorded 96% attendance at our schools, and a dropout rate of less than 1%, significantly better than most Government run schools for the disadvantaged. This year, 95% of our children passed the Grade 10 exam, while 80% passed the Grade 12 exam, many with First Class and several with distinctions. More than 50 of our recent graduates are now at University pursuing degrees in Commerce, Science, Engineering, Law and Hotel Management. In sports, our children have excelled in Athletics, Football and Taekwondo. We have been the Athletics Champions of Bangalore in the past, and our U-14 and U-16 football teams have won many tournaments,

How we will utilize these funds

Parikrma places great emphasis on reading. We believe that it must go hand in hand with education, so that children can go beyond their textbooks and enhance their vocabulary and ciritical thinking abilities. In this Library in a Suitcase campaign, Parikrma’s Changemakers ( teams of Parikrma’s own highschool students)wish to conduct an after school program aimed both at Parikrma’s own students as well as their friends and peers within their slum communities, many of whom do not have access to books. Through the Pratham books and reading cards in English, Kannada and Hindi, Parikrma Changemaker students wish to give back to society the benefits that they themselves have received – enhanced vocabulary and reading skills, critical thinking and a sense of compassion and sharing. It is hoped that once children develop a love for books, they will also perform better at school