Every child has the right to read

by Meenu Singh

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  • Impact: 70 children
  • Languages: English, English, English
  • Beneficiary Type: Not-for-Profit Organisation
  • Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Our story

We are a class of 70 5th graders studying in a government model primary school in Bengaluru. The students are first generation english language learners. They belong to low income community. I have been teaching them literacy in english language since a year. I have seen tremendous curiosity in them to learn the language through story reading. Hence, I want them to get exposed to a wide variety of stories and become independent readers. I hope that reading becomes a habit to them and fires their imagination of this fantastic world.

Who we are

I am a teaching fellow at Teach for India, Bengaluru. As part of my fellowship I am teaching 70 students of grade 5 in a government model primary school . They all belong to the low income community. I have completed my graduation in electronics and communication engineering and also have worked in IT for 4 years. The purpose of my fellowship is to develop my students into efficient readers who can critically engage in the text. Reading opens up a world of imagination. I wish that my students could experience the beautiful world through the joy of reading.

Our work and its impact

My major focus in my class is to make my students interested in reading english language. They are first generation learners of english language. Hence, my approach towards their learning is integrated. I have my lesson plans integrated with reading comprehension, reading fluency and writing practice. Reading comprehension helps them get introduced to new words and they learn to comprehend using different reading strategies. To be able to apply comprehension skills, students need exposure to a wide variety of text. The impact of my work in the long term will help the students grow into independent learners. They would be able to seek out knowledge on their own once they become a voracious reader.

How we will utilize these funds

The funds from Donate-a-book will be utilized in setting up a Library kit in the classroom. This library will accommodate 145 english books of different reading levels. The books will be kept under the supervision of the teacher and the class leaders.