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Our story

We are a bunch of young teachers who wish to build a library for our curious kids. We have kids from grade 2 to 6. Our kids are currently below their reading levels and hence we have taken this step to help our kids improve their reading levels respectively. Your small contribution will help us go closer to our goal. Do join us in this endeavor of ours.

Who we are

Teach For India is a non-profit organisation which aims at providing an excellent education for each child. It is a part of the Teach For All network.

Our work and its impact

We are fellows at Teach For India, Delhi. The fellowship provides us an opportunity to teach at low-income schools. We, as fellows, get to experience the ground reality of the educational inequity that persists in the system. The fellowship has provided us an opportunity to work at the grassroots level to eradicate the educational gap that is prevalent in low-income schools. Because of this opportunity, we are able to impact the lives of around 200 students at the primary level. After realising how much education can improve a child's life, we put our efforts not only in the child's academic growth but also invest in stakeholders who play an important role in the child's holistic growth.

How we will utilize these funds

The funds shall be strictly used to set up a library for 200 kids viz. from grades 2 to 6. These kids are currently way below their expected reading levels, hence, we wish to provide them books which shall not only improve their levels but also evoke the love for reading. We shall be purchasing books which are of the reading levels 1 to 5 for the above-mentioned grades.