Books to learn and books to lead

by Government High school, Valal

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  • Impact: 100 children
  • Languages: English, Kannada
  • Beneficiary Type: Government School
  • Location: Bajathooru, Karnataka

Our story

I am a volunteer who is passionate about helping children and feel really deeply about education. I have been helping this school for a while and I see that there is a desperate need for books at this school. Books are a way to guide them towards the right path and can take them to greater heights.

Who we are

I am a volunteer and work closely with this school to help them move forward. I help in whatever small way I can and hope to create a small impact. I want the children to move away from mobile and TV and get immersed in books to help with their education and to give them a little view of what the world has in store for them.

Our work and its impact

I frequently volunteer and mentor students to help them understand the importance of education.

How we will utilize these funds

I hope to bring atleast 4 library kits into the school and help them get immersed into the world of books.