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Our story

India has solved the schooling problem but not the learning problem. Less than 30% of Class III children can read Class II texts and only 45% of Class V children can read the same text. Our program, Ignite!, is focussed on improving learning outcomes in both literacy and numeracy in the primary grades by exposing them to a world class curriculum

Who we are

321 Education Foundation is a non-governmental organization registered under the Indian Trusts Act. Our mission is to maximise the potential of each child by maximising the potential of each educator and each school. We started in 2012 by opening a school for children from low-income communities in Mumbai. Our experience in running the school led us to understand the value that high quality teaching brings to a child’s learning in school. The urgency for having more confident and empowered educators across schools led us to build customized programs for our teachers. Over the past 6 years, we have worked with over 200 schools and impacted 3500 educators and 1,20,000 children across Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru.

Our work and its impact

Ignite! helps students, teachers, parents and schools to ensure gold standard improvements in student learning by an integrated early grades program. We work on improving student learning by providing: 1) Individualised support for teachers through workshops and one-on-one coaching 2) World class curriculum and tools for teachers and students 3) Student level data analytics to measure student progress and for program innovation 4) Continuous communication and engagement with parents and schools In 2018, 52% of Class 2 children could read a story of their level as compared to 18% of the previous batch who were not a part of our program. We strive to get this number higher for more children across more schools in the coming years.

How we will utilize these funds

321 Education Foundation aims to use the books donated through this campaign to open up libraries across our schools in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. An important way for a child to learn English is just through the love of reading and we dont want the economic background of the children or schools to hamper them from getting such an exposure