Not Another Parrot's Training: Books for Rural Children

by Lakshmi Murmu Smriti Sishu Vidyalaya

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Our story

We are students of a small rural school in Bankura district of West Bengal. We cannot afford to buy books that will help us to read, think and express ourselves. We learn a lot from our teachers and our rural environment but we want to learn to put words to our feelings. Pratham books have designed books especially for rural children and those books will help us to talk about our lives and desires. Help us in our quest to learn, to speak, to write and to express ourselves.

Who we are

Lakshmi Murmu Smriti Shishu Vidyalaya was established in 2015 in Chachaanpur. It is a small village of forty Santhali families in Bankura District of West Bengal. The village is surrounded by sparsely populated hamlets belonging to Santhali, Tamli, Bagdi, Karmakar and other marginal communities. The region has a dearth of schools which provide quality education that will allow students to develop an organic connection with their surroundings. The school has a history of struggle. Lakshmi Murmu was an inspirational leader and a loved teacher of many Santhali children of Chachaanpour and its surrounding areas. She had been struggling for the rights of Adivasi women and children for the last two decades with her friend and companion Reba Murmu.

Our work and its impact

The school's vision is to engender an ecosystem where children manage to learn from their surroundings and not just from their teachers. We have a vision to groom teachers from around the area who will not promote rote learning and parroting but will facilitate comprehension amongst children. We wish to germinate an ecosystem which will promote the ability of the children to express their connections and experiences of their life through words and numbers. Our school is attempting to make the process of education more organic. Our library will have books primarily in three languages: Santhali, Bengali and English. While Santhali is the mother tongue of many children they will learn to not just articulate but also develop an ability to comprehend their experiences through their own mother tongue; eventually learning Bengali and English through mediation of their mother tongue. To fill in the dearth of books and pedagogic material for Adivasi children we are partnering with Partham books to raise funds and publish readers for young rural children. Funds from this campaign will directly affect 87 children ( 50 girls 37 boys) within 4-9 years of age coming from over 60 families of the region.

How we will utilize these funds

The funds collected through the campaign will be utilized to curate a library. We are aiming for 5 Library in a classroom (LIC) Kits. Each kit which has approx 110 books. We shall have books suitable for grades 1-5 in three languages.