Help children of Kaliyuva Mane to read better

by Divya Deepa Charitable Trust

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Our story

Kaliyuva Mane is a free child-centric alternative residential school for the 'out-of-system' children located on the outskirts of Mysore city. About 100 children like child labourers & school dropouts, children from rural BPL families, children with turbulent childhood, dyslexic children etc.., pursue education in Kaliyuva Mane. We have been using pratham books since the last 3-4 years, which helped us improve the reading skill of our children. Currently we require about 300 books to add to our existing library.

Who we are

Divya Deepa Charitable Trust, Mysore, runs a free child-centric alternative school, “Kaliyuva Mane" for the ‘out-of-system' children. Established in 2005, the school believes in the philosophy, “School for Children, Not Children for School”. About 100 'out-of-system' children pursue education in Kaliyuva Mane beyond availing accommodation, food, clothing, health care etc.., in an environment charged with Love, Care and Empathy.

Our work and its impact

Kaliyuva Mane is catering to the educational and emotional needs of the children in a child-centric approach. Mainstream education system works on the assumption that all children are like machines who can learn a predetermined textual content in a predetermined time interval and in a predetermined way. But due to lack of learning environment in school & home, turbulent childhood and ignorance towards child’s varied emotions, abilities, and interests, many mentally sound children are deprived of an opportunity to learn. Child labourers & school dropouts, Children from rural BPL families, Children with turbulent childhood, Dyslexic children etc.., form this group of 'out-of-system' children. These 'out-of-system' children accompany an academic lag and therefore cannot adjust to formal schools. So in Kaliyuva Mane for the children to learn, we follow the following child-centric practices: a. Admissions round the year b. Abolition of grading system and flexible teams c. Congenial environment d. Individualistic curriculum e. Regular informal tests rather than memory-testing long duration annual exams f. Life skill training g. Using campus as a learning tool etc..,

How we will utilize these funds

The funds will be utilized to buy the books.