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Our story

We are working as a consulting organization for the organizations which are working for primary education, especially for marginalized communities. We cannot find quality books for children in regional languages like Marathi and Hindi in most stores of Nagpur, which are very accessible to children from metro cities. We want to create an open library which will be accessible to any teachers or students from these learning spaces in Nagpur. Also, these will be used by our fellows who go to teach at these centres.

Who we are

'Learning companions' was established in 2017. We are working with the organizations that are working for the access of education to the children from marginalized communities. We are helping organizations with capacity building of the volunteers/facilitators of the organization, content development and providing customized productivity tools. We are a group of 6 people and some senior advisors.

Our work and its impact

We are compiling and testing a database of activities in regional languages which can be easily accessed by anyone and from anywhere. Also, we have developed some short and long term guided learning processes for aspiring teachers and facilitators. This will help to improve the quality of education in the learning spaces where there is a lack of enough resources, teaching aids and skilled teachers/facilitators.

How we will utilize these funds

The books acquired through this fund will be part of a central library, which would be used by organizations which are associated with us, as well as any other individual, school or organization from Nagpur which is working with underprivileged children