Gift books to marginalized students of government schools

by Basic Research Education And Development Society aka BREAD Society

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  • Impact: 65000 children
  • Languages: Telugu, English
  • Beneficiary Type: Not-for-Profit Organisation
  • Location: Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh
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Our story

BREAD Society has established libraries in government schools securing six or more National Means cum Merit Scholarships, a national level test held for 8th class students of government schools to arrest dropouts. Students in government schools do not have access to books other than text books. They do not have purchasing power to buy books. BREAD Society is creating a level playing field to over 3,20,000 age group students by giving access to books of interest to them.

Who we are

Basic Research Education and Development Society was registered as a society under Societies Act in 1989. It has not had a single paid employee in 26 years. Its wage and travel bills are “NIL”. Its work is done by volunteers. All of them meet their own out of pocket expenses on tours and travels. It passes on entire donation to beneficiaries. Its activities are transparent, objective and unbiased. It gives statements of donations received and expenditure incurred on their behalf to all donors. Its administrative expenses are 1%. It has systems in place for effective implementation of programs. Its website gives ALL including Annual Audited Accounts of Receipts and Payments and Income and Expenditure statements in its BREAD Reviews (Annual Reports) of past several years. Its transparency is evident from contact numbers of beneficiary schools’ headmasters and library teachers given under Reports in its website.

Our work and its impact

Students studying in government schools are underprivileged. Government school libraries are not accessible to them. They do not have purchasing power to buy books. BREAD aims to promote early reading habits in children building up their curiosity to learn more and expand their imagination, horizons and exposure. This also helps sustain children's interest in school as dropout is a major concern. BREAD has, therefore, set up libraries in government schools providing a lockable bookcase for safe custody of books. It gives 650 books of interest to age group children of 9 to 14 years. Its books have attractive colorful graphic designs from Children’s Book Trust, National Book Trust, Publications Division, Ramakrishna Math, Pratham Books and other vernacular publishers on stories with moral values, history, biographies, epics, culture, country’s freedom, science, geography, mathematics, general knowledge, personality development, puzzles, sports etc. It has developed systems for effective implementation of its program. It is a lending library run by students enabling them to acquire life skills. It gives 10 valuable prizes to students of each school with best write-ups on books read. Write-ups are verifiable proof of reading. It impacts society by creating a level playing field.

How we will utilize these funds

BREAD has established 140 Children's libraries in the first two years of 2009-10 and 2010-11. BREAD libraries are lending libraries. So, students borrow books to take home to read. Their parents and siblings also get to read the borrowed books. Several of first two years' books have got spoiled due to excessive usage over a period of more than 5 to 6 years. On an average about 100 books of a library need replacement. We,therefore, propose to add 100 new books to each of these 140 libraries. This will also help to sustain students’ interest in reading books. To do this, we require 14,000 books for the 140 schools. Average strength of each BREAD library school is 465 students. These books will directly benefit 65,000 students.