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  • Impact: 2000 children
  • Languages: English, Kannada
  • Beneficiary Type: Not-for-Profit Organisation
  • Location: Bangalore , Karnataka
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Our story

Through innovative core programs, Agastya ignites that initial spark of curiosity in a child. This occurs in our labs, where teachers trained in our hands-on method excite students about science, art, and mathematics. While certain programs support the teachers, and others assist remedial students and dropouts, all are surrounded by the ecology classroom on our Kuppam campus. The primary goal of augmenting government school curricula helps children grasp complex concepts through Agastya’s hands-on methods. Communities with few resources are uplifted and exposed to scientific realities, while superstitions are dispelled, and new opportunities are brought within the reach of India’s poor.

Who we are

Why is Agastya so right for India? Partially serendipitous, some of India’s finest minds in the areas of business, education, and finance developed the earliest concept of taking science lessons into the rural villages to reach the country’s poorest and most disenfranchised children. The children thrive under the Agastya model, promoting growth in breadth and depth of programs. India’s overpopulation and poverty are always cited as her greatest problems. But among India’s poor children, the next generation’s Srinivasa Ramanujan may be found. Lifting the lower classes through education is our best hope for a brighter future, not only in India but as an example to all the nations of the world. The Kuppam campus is located near the place where the three southern states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu meet.

Our work and its impact

Through hands-on, interactive teaching-learning methods Agastya is helping children to break out of the limitations of their social constraints by transforming attitudes to learning. Over the years, Agastya’s teachers have gone into communities and touched the lives of many children and their families, as well as those of government schoolteachers and the villages and neighbourhoods they serve. Since its inception, Agastya has been recognized and awarded for many successes. Even greater testaments to what we do, however, are the growing numbers of children who continue their education and the many awards conferred upon them. They are living proof of the Agastya method employed by our teachers. Visitors have come to our campus from all over the world. What people have to say about Agastya is encouraging and humbling. “What is unique and exemplary about Agastya is that instead of an organization available for students who are seeking additional science learning, it reaches out to the rural, uninitiated masses to inculcate interest in science by going to their door.” ~ Professor M.A. Ramaswamy

How we will utilize these funds

These funds will be used to obtain Library-in-classroom kits which can be used with ease in our study centres. We are hoping to raise money for 20 such Library kits.