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Our story

We are a team of 3 girls, Varsha, Parvati & Lavina, fortunate enough to continue our education in 7th class. Why fortunate! because our parents care for our education. One of our friends dropped out of school after 6th agreeing to her parents decision who faced the same plight and remained uneducated. It's common in our community for girls to drop out of school and start working or get married before reaching 9th class. We want to change this! We want to win over our fate! our circumstances! We want to open a Literacy center in our community.

Who we are

We are children of slum areas in Kuber Nagar, one of the most illiterate, sensitive and volatile community in Ahmedabad. While some of us are migrants from Pakistan, some have their roots in the villages of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Our community is known for the problems of alcoholism, poverty, disturbed families & violence. But this is not what we want to be known for, for the rest of our life. That's why we want to continue our education. Our challenge is that in our community, education is not a priority for people and there are no role models for kids like us who have achieved success and break this vicious cycle of illiteracy, helplessness and poverty. So, we have planned to become our own role models! To transform our community from within with a Literacy Center - FREE TO FLY - under the mentor-ship of our Teach For India teachers.

Our work and its impact

With our Literacy Center, we would ensure that 1. Girls who have dropped out of school because of their family reasons still get a chance to continue their informal education at least to break out of conservative and illiterate mindset. 2. Many of our parents who could not get education but dreamt of it can start and learn to read. 3. Younger kids get a space, resources and support from us in their learning. 4. We get a chance to create awareness & confidence with the power of education in our community. 5. There are some children in our community with special needs and who are differently-abled, we want to understand their perspective and help them learn with us.

How we will utilize these funds

We know you earned this money with hard work and we know the value of it. We ensure you we will put all our hard work again with your money to make it more valuable and create an impact. With the raised money, we will 1. Rent a small place and convert it into a Literacy center in our community. 2. Buy books (to learn basic reading, inspirational, and skill transferring, braille) and stationary required to run the center. 3. Run a 3 month pilot of Literacy program with women, girls and children to create reading skills, interest and ambitions among them. 4. Hire a teacher to teach blind students of our community