Spreading a knowledge of reading to each farmer kids

by Junnar sarvajanik vachanalaya

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  • Impact: 300 children
  • Languages: Marathi, English, Hindi
  • Beneficiary Type: Reading Centre / Library
  • Location: Dhule, Maharashtra

Our story

Our sarvajanik vachanalaya is in remote area of dhule district .We have a farmer's children coming from gramin prone areas to this library .these children coming form carmine prone areas to this library .These children arE eager to read and write but we have very few books to provide them .Their parents live in utter poverty and are illiterates As we have taken the task of educational of these poor children

Who we are

My self adesh wankhede was established a junnar sarvajanik vachanalaya in 2019 i am the son of farmer .I know what problem I have face during my study time .Because of economically problem and not having books for study .Because of areas comes in framine prone . So I face many problem .But I have done hard work i have completed B.com,,D.ED,B.ED.DSM.LTC .BLIB (APP) . FROM THESE i had learn so many think from struggling life. So not to happen my another farmer child like these struggle . So I had open a library .

Our work and its impact

Junnar sarvajanik vachayala ya has taken a mission of spreading a knowledge of key to each and every farmer house . Because of education we can achieve every think in our life . But like some area are so remote and framine prone are kid do not have money to buy a books . Due to these we have started these library . No one can be away from edu cation

How we will utilize these funds

Recently we have open a library . But we do not have a so much booKs for reading and writing and a good infrastructure because a good infrastructure created a good environment for study .If there will be more books to read .The more student will be turning to read in our library