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by Mohit Kumar Singh

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Our story

Dear Donors, I am working as a Gandhi fellow in the district of Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. We are working with the coaches and facilitators working in the education department for improving better teaching practices in the schools of Jhunjhunu. Currently, We are working in building functional libraries in 60 Government senior secondary and upper primary schools in two blocks of jhunjhunu. Every 500 rupees donated would mean 10 books for the school which will directly impact 100 students in bringing reading habits at an early age in the rural Shekhawati region of Rajasthan.

Who we are

Dear Donors, I am Mohit Kumar Singh. I am working as a Gandhi fellow in Piramal Foundation for education and leadership, Bagar, Rajasthan. Gandhi fellowship is a two-year full-time program which helps the fellow to develop some key skills while working on the ground with the education department, as well as these fellows, also provide assistance in the growth of the teachers, principal, coaches and facilitators of the District Education Department.

Our work and its impact

The primary objective of this campaign is to get books for the schools, where there is already vacant room for the library and they lack good interactive books in their library. The secondary and most important aim is to inculcate reading habits in the early readers of the government schools who don't have enough material that can aid in improving their creativity and reading habits with the help of the enthusiastic teachers. These school teachers are unable to provide good interactive, colourful books filled with fun and amazing content for persuading the habits of reading in the early reader because of the various reasons. But as per discussion with them, they always try to help them with whatever resources they can, like with newspaper and all. But all these are not sufficient to draw the attention of a child for reading. The curriculum books are also interactive but after 1 or 2 months children lose interest in their course book as well.

How we will utilize these funds

As a group of 5 fellows, we have taken responsibility for creating 60 functional libraries in two blocks of Jhunjhunu. We have identified 40 schools in 40 different Gram Panchayat of Alsisar and Jhunjhunu blocks. The Principals of these schools will then be the catalyst for introducing this library campaign in his/her subordinate schools in the same panchayat. So, indirectly, we are aiming to impact more than 150 schools of these two blocks. This will help us in providing books for more than 16 thousand students. These 16 thousand students would be the direct beneficiaries of this campaign. All these books will directly reach to the 40 schools out of 60 identified school from two Tehsil of Jhunjhunu district. On an average, 87 books per school were given. We were primarily focusing on the books of the students enrolled in standard 2nd-8th. Remaining 20 schools will be asked to initiate crowdfunding to enable their principal in online crowdfunding through Pratham books for library books. To know more about our works please visit our blogs at and at