Teaching Life Skills through Reading Sessions

by Team Everest India

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Our story

Reading Books helps kids to improve Focus, Concentration, and Memory on a regular basis. This habit also improves the creativity and imagination of students. Currently we are providing the scholarship for 100 parentless and single parented students in Arni, Thiruvannamalai Dt, Tamilnadu under Smile 100 Initiative and running 10 rural village study centers to provide after-school supplementary learning support to govt school students of 300 around Arni. Now we are planning to bring each student a storybook which can teach them a life skill and help them to practice the reading habit on a daily basis.

Who we are

A team of crazy people who love volunteering. We believe in the power of endless love every person has and want to tap that potential to make a difference in this world. We have a dream where every person volunteers at least once a month (12/365) and every child gets a quality education. To make our dreams come true, Team Everest started its journey in August 2006. The first activity happened in a rural school, Sirumoor. Four people contributed Rs.4000 from their first month’s salary. We used the money to buy books and uniforms for the school kids there. Team Everest facilities a wide spectrum of activities to create impact. Some of our initiatives include free Rural Study Centers, Scholarship to deserving students, free English and Computer classes etc. Our strength is our volunteers who give their time, skills and money to make a difference.

Our work and its impact

SMILE 100 Smile 100 is a Scholarship Program for 100 Parentless & Single Parented kids who are from a place called ‘Arni’ in Tiruvannamalai Dt (150 Kms or 3 Hours drive from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India). We sponsor the school fees for this children, provide free evening tuition for them and conduct various extracurricular activities likes Winter, Summer camps, games day on weekends, art day and much more. The Motive behind Smile 100 is to provide quality education to students who could not afford it. Our goal is to sponsor them till they finish formal education and help them become entrepreneurs or find a job for themselves. RURAL STUDY CENTERS In 2009, we surveyed 25 villages in Tiruvannamalai Dt, Tamilnadu to understand the quality of education and challenges faced by students. Finally, we selected 10 villages where children are irregular to school, not completing homework and where there are no tuition centers to set up free evening study centers. Now, more than 300+ students are getting benefited from these 10 free study centers every year.

How we will utilize these funds

We will be setting up the floating library in each study center where they will be reading the stories on a daily basis and once after reading all the stories by students this will get floated to another village. So that we will enable every student to have a book to read and learn the skills through this initiative.